How to understand that you have received a good service or Mr. Richardson’ 50 shades of complaints

We are so happy, that almost all our clients understand the value of a good service and in the end of the matchmaking process they are really glad, that they have started it with us. As you know, there is an exception to every rule and one of our recent clients became this exception for us.

We appreciate the privacy of all our male and female clients so of course we won’t reveal his name. We will call him Mr. Richardson. He is an active and charming gentleman in his early 60s. He had strong chances to meet his best half with our help. Our female clients were looking forward to the date with him and were really interested. So what did go wrong? Why Mr. Richardson returned back home empty-handed?

Let’s go step by step to understand the level of his expectations.

Mr. Richardson wanted to date a beautiful young lady with great education, interesting hobbies and good level of English.

We have arranged 5 introductions for Mr. Richardson with 5 beautiful single Ukrainian ladies that matched the criteria. The “oldest” lady he has met was 11 years younger than him. All the ladies had interviews with our psychologist and matchmaker. Our entire team came to a conclusion that we want to look as good as these ladies when we are in our late 40s and 50s.

Anyway, let’s start from the very beginning to understand why Mr. Richardson was not happy with our service.

  • Good English skills

It is not a secret that for most Ukrainian ladies the date with a foreigner is a very unusual experience. Ukrainian ladies are not English native speakers and many of them have never talked to a native speaker before. First date is always a nervous experience and a first date with a person who speaks another language pretty often doubles the stress.

While choosing international dating usually we suggest to have the interpreter at the first date to reduce the stress regarding the language barrier. Besides, after breaking the ice and adjusting to the language or accent the lady and the gentleman usually let the interpreter go and continue the date just in two. Sometimes it takes a few dates to get used to the new language.

But Mr. Richardson was very strict about the interpreter. He didn’t want “the third wheel”. We treat all wishes of our clients with tremendous respect, so from the very beginning we were looking for the ladies who would feel comfortable and confident about their English skills enough to go on a date without an interpreter.

Mr. Richardson has met all 5 ladies without the interpreter.

The shortest first date with one of the ladies lasted 2 hours, the longest first date was about 5 hours. After each date Mr. Richardson claimed the lady didn’t speak English.

By the rules of our matchmaking agency after each date a lady and a gentleman share their thoughts about the date. We ask for this feedback, because we want to see if our client needs to adjust his dating strategy or maybe change the direction of the search.  Usually ladies give a lot of details while they talk to our psychologist. For example, which joke they liked most of all, or which story was the most interesting or some exciting new facts they have learned about their date.  They couldn’t learn all this without any English and what is more important all 5 ladies claimed they didn’t feel any language barrier. One of the ladies with whom Mr. Richardson had a date is a professional English interpreter and she used to teach English for 10 years in the university. Another lady was married to an English speaking man for almost 10 years and communicated only in English with her ex-husband. But for our client Mr. Richardson their level of English was still not good enough or their accent was not appealing. His main complaint was: “I had to repeat the same phrase twice”. Well, Mr. Richardson was not a native speaker himself when it comes to English, but this little fact didn’t seem to bother him at all.   

  • Hot looks

Mr. Richardson claimed that the ladies were different in a real life and on their photos. As you know, we respect privacy of our clients, but the tempting desire right now is to show the photos from the dates and the ladies’ profiles to ask your opinion about it. Matchmaking is an individual and 100% off-line service based on the face-to-face introductions, which hopefully will lead to happy relationship. We don’t need beautiful photos to attract traffic to the web-site or to persuade a male client to write letters, because there are no correspondence or video-calls between our clients – only old fashion off-line face-to-face introductions. Our male clients meet the ladies in a real life. So it is important that the lady has the same looks in real life as on her photos. Usually our clients are surprised that the ladies are even more beautiful in real life, because a photo is just a static picture and it usually can’t show you the emotions, smile and charm of the lady.

It is important to understand the difference between a good-looking lady in her 40s and 50s and a lady in her 30s. We let Mr. Richardson (early 60s) know from the very beginning before he became our client that we won’t introduce him to the ladies in their 30s. He claimed he is not interested in ladies in their 30s and prefers younger ladies in their 40s and 50s. So we have signed the contract. After meeting beautiful ladies in their 40s and 50s he claimed he wanted to date someone like our manager (she is 27 years), because “her skin was closer to what he preferred”.

At we truly respect our clients and try to create the best atmosphere for dating. This summer we have created more than a 100 of first dates for our clients. Mostly these were gentlemen in their late 20s and early 30s. Yes, our clients got so much younger. We never really spy on our clients, but we love paying attention just in case our client needs some special assistance. When our 25 years old male client hesitated to kiss a girl he really liked, we have organized a very special date for them – we have rented the entire cinema and it was just two of them watching their favorite movie. He kissed her and several weeks after they were already kissing passionately under the Spanish sky. Another gentleman (57 years old) has forgotten his “special pills” which he needed for a “special date” with a lady he really liked. The lady has invited him over for dinner. Our driver has delivered him “special pills” while our client was choosing flowers and wine on the way to his date’s apartment. Yes, we do not spy on our clients, but we always keep an eye on them to be sure everything goes smoothly.

After two dates with one of the ladies Mr. Richardson asked us to get him Champaign, because the lady has invited him over to her apartment to show her paintings. At midnight the lady has texted our psychologist that they won’t need a driver until morning…

The next night Mr. Richardson also didn’t return to his hotel. The driver has picked him up in the morning from the apartment of ANOTHER lady we have introduces him to.

Mr. Richardson became the record-holder, while he was the only gentleman this summer who has been invited by two different ladies to their apartments to spend a night within 5 days!

  • Too cool to settle down

Mr. Richardson told all the ladies about other dates with OTHER ladies. We don’t hide from the ladies the fact that a gentleman might have several dates with different ladies. They understand that he can’t plan his trip to Ukraine and invest his time, money and energy into just one date, because it can be unsuccessful. The gentleman and the lady might feel no chemistry and the lady doesn’t want to be “responsible” for his trip to Ukraine. But ladies don’t need to know the exact number, the details about the other ladies and especially that he came to the date with her after meeting another lady the same day. This kills all possible romantic vibes! Yes, it is hard to imagine, but Mr. Richardson told the ladies all the details of his dates with OTHER ladies.

We had a very unpleasant situation because of it. We’ve booked the VIP hall in the cinema for Mr. Richardson and one of the ladies to organize a special date for them (it was supposed to be their date number 4), we have ordered a movie in English, that Mr. Richardson and the lady have chosen together.

The lady never came to the date. At first we were shocked with her attitude. Why did she switch her phone off and didn’t explain herself? It turned out Mr. Richardson has texted her and told her that he was having a date with another lady, so he might be late to the date with her. She felt offended, switched her phone off and stayed at home fully dressed for the date. It is hard to judge her for this, isn’t it?

  • Make it count

Mr. Richardson says he is really disappointed with our service and he wants us to continue introducing him to other ladies or provide him with a full refund.

By the way, Mr. Richardson is still communicating with the ladies we have introduced him to and even plans a vacation with one of them. I’m sure that it could be a very unpleasant surprise for the ladies to read Mr. Richardson’s feedback about them and their dates. I must say that he is always polite and attentive to the ladies, but after the date he doesn’t feel shy to tell our manager that the lady “is ugly”, “her elbows are old”, “her dress is not pretty”, “she is not smart and her nails are not tidy” or “her breasts are not big enough”.

Of course, we will never show these messages to the ladies and will keep our mouths shut, because despite all the unpleasant situations and negativity from our dear client Mr. Richardson, we appreciate and respect all our clients. And of course we don’t want to hurt the ladies’ feelings. They really liked Mr. Richardson.

By Svetlana Mukha and Katerina Romanenko, with love♥