Probably, it is not the first time you see the expression “friend zone” and it is not necessary to explain what it is in details, since the name speaks for itself. In short, being in a “friend zone” means that a girl does not fancy you, she does not think of you as of her boyfriend or sexual partner. You are just a good friend for her. Why does it happen and how to define whether you are in a “friend zone” or not? We will try to help you answer these questions.

Unfortunately, in most cases a girl makes the most important decision considering your relationship with her, the first time you see each other. If the girl sees that you behave like one of her friends, you will be automatically signed to her friends and it will be quite difficult to change that.

One of the most frequent reasons of getting into a “friend zone” is being indecisive and shy. You must know how to get what you want. If you do not like her bag, tell her about it (but be a gentleman, do not be rude). If you want to kiss her, do not ask permission, take and kiss her. Act tough, but remember to be a real gentleman – strong, kind and safe.

So, how can you understand that you are in a “friend zone”?

There are a lot of signs, the most frequent of which is complaining about her problems, especially if they are connected with her ex-boyfriends or friends, be 99% sure that you are in a “friend zone”. No girl who is interested in you, fancies you or has higher feelings will speak about her previous lovers or about her friends.

Stories about people she likes are just the same. Never rise topics like this and if a girl is trying to touch one of them, try to switch to something else, but be very careful.

Another sign is when she comes with a company on a date with you. She does not want to go for a walk with you. Instead she wants to go to a restaurant or an expensive café. This could be a sign that she has already signed you to her list of friends. Of course, it is not unusual for a girl to want to spend time with you somewhere in a good place, still if it happens all the time and she chooses only the most expensive places and insists that a man must pay, it is better to run from her and spend your money on the girl, who will not use you as a wallet.

Not to write more long descriptions, we offer you to look at the following list of signs showing that you are in a “friend zone”.


  • Tells you “let’s stay friends”.
  • Discusses “women” topics with you.
  • Tells about who she likes and who she doesn’t like.
  • Postpones your dates (she has to meet someone else).
  • Often ignores your phone calls.
  • Your messaging and telephone conversations have the topic “about nothing” and they are more frequent that face-to-face meetings.
  • There are always at least three of you on the date: you, she and one of your or her friends.
  • Topics connected with sex are a taboo for her.


  • Are always trying to please her.
  • Are always cheering her up, complimenting, and calming her.
  • Make the first step to say you love her.
  • Offer her to be your girlfriend (but nobody does that! It has to happen naturally.)
  • Tell about your bad sides and confusing situations, characterizing you not in a very good light, speak of your bad attitude to yourself.
  • Give her something material gratuitously, especially if it is the last or the most precious thing that you have.
  • Are afraid to hurt her by telling the truth.
  • Always call her first.
  • Always agree to postpone the meeting if she asks.
  • When she says “A man must…” you agree to this. And it is even worse if you do exactly so.

Have you seen anything familiar? Then you are in a “friend zone”. But this is not the reason to get disappointed. In our next article we will tell you how to get out of the “friend zone”.