How to upgrade your lifestyle when you go to Ukraine

Surfing on the internet not so long ago, I came across an interesting article telling what Americans living in Ukraine think about our country. So, I would be glad to share my findings and add some extra information our foreign clients always want to know.

1. What is the cost of living in Ukraine? Our government has stated that the average amount of money needed for a set of products sufficient to ensure the normal functioning of the human body, preserve its health, as well as a minimum set of non-food products and a minimum set of services necessary for satisfying the basic social and cultural needs of the individual is about 100$ per working person a month. HOWEVER, being a working person, I can assure you I would not be able to survive with such money.

2. What is the average income in Ukraine? It is known every country has special organizations responsible for calculating income data. The results of their work are freely available. So, according to the data from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine as of January 2021, the average income in our country varies between 1000$ per month (in Kyiv) being the highest, to 500$ (in Chernihiv).

3. Is Ukraine safe for American tourists? Well, a good, but frankly speaking, an odd question, IMHO. To tell the truth, I have rarely heard about the cases when tourists coming to Ukraine were harmed by any means. Though, definitely, you should be prepared to have some troubles with communication, especially in small towns and villages, as people there do not speak English.

4. Is it safe to travel in Ukraine? As for tours around the country, the safety depends on what transport you choose. I would recommend renting a car and, if possible, a personal guide, who can show you the way, speak to the locals and show you the best places, which you as a stranger would never even know about.

5. What is life like in Ukraine? To answer this question, I will cite one of my friends who is a born American living in Kharkiv now.
“There are certainly many disadvantages – not the most adequate landlords, the state of the roads. I am also very surprised that all foreign dishes are cooked locally. In America, Mexicans cook Mexican food, the Chinese cook Chinese food. This played a cruel joke on me: once I ordered nachos and they brought them to me without cheese. All over the world nachos are made with cheese, and here it is! Being a great fan of Mexican cuisine I’m ready to kill for good Mexican food!

But there are still more advantageous things you need to know about life here. There are more sincere people here. If they say something, then most of them mean it. All these “How are you?”, “See you soon” in America are fake.

In Ukraine, people are sincerely interested in each other’s affairs and agree on a real meeting.
I’m not very good at Russian. It can be difficult at times, but on the other hand, I don’t understand the advertisement on billboards hanging everywhere, I don’t understand the conversations I accidentally hear. This makes it possible to think freely.

In general, Kharkiv is my favorite city. Here people live without haste, there is no such eternal fuss. I have already visited Odesa, Lviv, and Kyiv. Odessa is similar to Florida, and this is not how I imagined it at all. Lviv has also amazed me by being very refined, beautiful.

Though the standard of living in Ukraine is not the highest I have ever tried, still everything is done on a good level. I really enjoy Ukrainian cuisine. I have already had time to taste dumplings, borscht, and bacon. Yummy.

There are active young people here who love startups. They are riskier, they are not puzzled by stability and economy, therefore it is easier to generate and implement cool ideas. I want to stay in Ukraine. Working here provides a great competitive advantage.”

Finally, there is one thing men from around the world agree on – Ukrainian ladies are the biggest treasure of our country. They are VERY beautiful, clever, well-organized, and are great housewives.

Concluding everything I have told you above, I would say there is no need to somehow upgrade your lifestyle if you are going to visit our amazing country. Just be prepared to taste something new and be ready to open this part of the world in all its beauty. Hope to see you one day.
Valeria Matskevich with Love.