How to Write a Love Letter in the 21st Century

Love is a high feeling, which still remains a mystery to many scientists.

Where does it originate, why do people have affection for each other, forgetting about everything in the world, lose their heads, strive to know it with all their nature? Why do they suffer from unrequited passion and vice versa, rejoice when they see sparks of understanding and adoration in the eyes of a partner?

Endearment is so pleasant and good, it seems that a flower is blooming in the soul, which, under the gaze of a loved one, becomes more and more beautiful and magnificent. Therefore, it is not surprising that many lovers, whose souls are filled with romantic emotions, are worried about the question of how to tell about them?

Being surrounded by technologies, you are unlikely to even think you need some tips on writing a love letter to your girlfriend as such an expression of feelings is definitely out-of-date. However, true affection knows no fashion, and any way to show what you have inside is acceptable in case it is done wisely. Moreover, it is because of being so unexpected, such a declaration is bound to reach the very heart of your beloved. So, do you need help writing a love letter? Read our article and get inspired.

In fact, while you are writing letters love helps you and it is not difficult at all. You do not have to be a poet or an artist, the main thing is to be honest with yourself and put your true feelings on a piece of paper. Even in online dating love letters are the reflection of the writer’s soul; so, sincere words can help you open up your heart.

Everyone would agree that in our time, most men are more accustomed to giving a girl or a lovely wife a beautiful, expensive gift, thereby showing affection, than racking your brains over what to write in a love letter to your girlfriend.

But looking back, during the existence of kings, princes, dukes, and other wealthy nobility, men expressed what they felt in this way, despite their wealth and magnificent castles. They knew perfectly well how to create a note to a girl in order to attract her attention.

So why, instead of picking up a pen and ink and thinking of some nice letters to write to your girlfriend, are many modern men looking for more complex ways to impress a beautiful girl?

Or maybe the reason lies in the fact that a man does not know how to uncover his emotions on paper correctly. Let’s try to figure out where to start. How to write love letters to a girlfriend? What do you need to make them work?

  • so that your piece of writing is not taken as some kind of rubbish or a joke, you should refuse to decorate the paper with hearts, cute drawings, and other trinkets. A girl should take it seriously and read it carefully, without being distracted by extraneous details;
  • get good quality paper and a pen with ink to prevent it from messing up on it. All words should be written in clear, legible handwriting;
  • it is better to start such a declaration by referring to your beloved by name, you can add “dear”, “sweet”, “gentle”, etc. Next, tell about the qualities attracting you to her, why you have such tender feelings. This will make it the best letter to write to your girlfriend;
  • then, you could describe the emotions taking possession of you at one glance or the memory of her. Give an example of any woman’s actions, thoughts, sayings, which you consider the most memorable;
  • do not forget to mention you want to always be beside and spend every free minute together. Do not hesitate to use beautiful, attractive words, you can express tenderness not only in reality but also on a piece of paper;
  • after you are sure you have expressed all your emotions, re-read the final version several times, check for errors and spelling. Reading a note with mistakes is not always pleasant, and even worse, if your GF points out them to you, you won’t be ashamed;
  • feel confidence in yourself, and it’ll be transmitted to your words; observe sincerity, do not include the words of ancient poets, or other people’s phrases as the girl may not believe them.

If you do everything right, your beloved will be more grateful to you for sincere and tender words than for an expensive gift from a jewelry store. She is most likely to always carry such a passionate note in the purse and re-read it at every opportunity.

Valeria Matskevich With Love.