For many people the phrase “I love you” has become very mundane and standard. We got used to it so much and many of us use it every time when saying goodbye or when finishing a telephone conversation, while trying to say sorry or to comfort and on any other little occasion. But not many people have thought that actually there are so many other phrases to show affection and appreciation that can be even more pleasant to hear than this banal one:

  1. Have you put on your hat? It’s cold today.
  2. Ok, let’s watch that tear-jerking drama.
  3. I knew you would wear these uncomfortable shoes, so I took some Band-Aids with me.
  4. I am sure you’re tired after work, let me make you massage.
  5. If you don’t go on that super awesome party, I won’t go too.
  6. What would you like for breakfast? I’ll make.
  7. I got my hair cut just the way you like it.
  8. Babe, I warmed up your part of the bed for you 🙂
  9. It’s ok that you burnt my favorite shirt, it was old anyways.
  10. Last time you told you’ve lost your gloves, I decided to buy you new ones.
  11. Surprise, I invited your parents for the evening and bought your father’s favorite whiskey and your mother’s favorite candies.
  12. Warm supper is on the table, I knew you would come late.
  13. You were just the best on that amateur singing concert.
  14. You inspired me to become better.
  15. I noticed you were coughing these days, so I brought you lemons and ginger.
  16. I ordered food to your office. Don’t stay hungry!
  17. I called you to be sure you woke up and won’t be late for work.


Sometimes feelings can overwhelm us but we can lack words to express them. Situations can be different, but the main point is not to forget in our daily routine to show with your phrases and actions that you really care about your beloved. Such small manifestations can all be put into one: I show you my full attention and care for you, you are the best for me and I appreciate it. It is the best way to make your woman feel loved. Accepting her flaws and all, sincerely caring for her can wake her deepest mutual feelings and care for you. But think about it, what is more pleasant, to give or to get?