The Ideal Partner: The Most-Wanted Partner Traits

Who is an ideal partner beyond looks and charm? If you were asked to write a list of characteristics of a good woman 15 years ago and now, it would be two different lists, wouldn`t it? But still there are core values that don`t change in time. While the reasons we get attracted to a person are predictable, the reasons we stay in love depend on many factors. Choosing a partner is a challenging task, that`s why many people don`t rush and by a certain time they define qualities of a good partner in life exactly for them.

The challenging journey starts with YOU! If you know how to be the perfect partner, if you have a positive self-image, you can definitely build a healthy relationship. Define what characteristics of a person you are seeking. Before you start questioning someone about essential things in life, values and important decisions, ask yourself these fundamental questions. Have a clear picture how your woman is going to fit your family, especially if you are from different religions and cultures. Decide what kind of lifestyle you want to have together, either you see her as an equal partner, a businesswoman who works the same as you or vice versa, you would be happy if she stayed at home, taking care of children.

Finding an ideal partner is not going to always happen like in romantic movies. Someone special is not going to show up in the soaking rain under your door, ring the bell and say: “I cannot imagine my life without you, you are the one I have been looking all my life”. If you believe in magic, keep waiting for the miracle. Meanwhile, I will share some ideal life partner qualities, which you should pay attention to:

  1. Being trustworthy is definitely on a list of characteristics of a person you should share your life with. Trust is essential in relationship, learning to trust may be difficult after some problems in the past, but in order to be happy you should develop this quality and be the trustworthy one too.
  2. Loyalty and honesty are the best traits to offer a partner. There are always plenty of temptations around you, but if the person is loyal, there is no place for temptations, not because of obligation, but because your significant one is really special for you and you respect her.
  3. Responsive. The partner gives and accepts affection, is responsive on emotional, physical and verbal levels, enjoys closeness in being sexual with a woman and knows how to please her.
  4. Has a giving nature, ready to give, not a selfish taker, who cares only about his needs.
  5. Maturity. A person who “grew up”, who is not looking for someone to complete him, who realizes his weaknesses and strengths, emotionally mature and independent.
  6. Open individual. It is a good quality to be transparent in your words and actions. A woman must not have second thoughts, she knows exactly what you are trying to say, you are not hiding from her anything.
  7. Has a good sense of humor. You don`t have to be a stand up comedian, but someone who can make a beloved one laugh. Finding someone who can regularly lift your mood, joke with you is a step to a healthy relationship. If you tend to be amused at the same things, laugh at the same scenarios, you will definitely not be bored together. Life is tough, it has its twists and turns, but if you have someone who can bright your day with a good laugh, definitely keep this person.
  8. You are not into drama. Everyone has a baggage, related to previous relationship, if you want to share it with a new partner, do it once and close the subject, do not put a blame on others.
  9. Being strong. Not in a physical sense, but the ability to overcome difficulties, having a determination to succeed, move forward towards better things. Life is about ups and downs, it is never smooth, learn how to be strong to take decisions and move on.
  10. Sharing the same views. To avoid big icebergs along your journey, you need to be on the same page, looking at the same direction and wanting the same things in a big sense. If you want to live in the village and a woman prefers only big cities, if you are dreaming about three children and she is about successful career, it is unlikely to work. Being intellectually equal is also important. If you are a high achiever, you would like the person who also wants to pursue her dreams and be active like you.
  11. Gives a comforting feeling. You feel happy and fulfilling. Your relationship is not a burden for you, you wake up and you are glad to see this woman, make breakfast for her, hug and kiss, watch a movie together and have the same future goals.

    These are the traits to look for in a partner. Life is a long journey, so we have to make sure that there is the right person next to us.

    What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship? That kind of relationship, which brings both people well-being, harmony, fueled by communication and respect. It is not a competition, it is mutual work, which makes you happy.

  • You appreciate each other. Be thankful, sometimes we take things for granted. Compliment and say how grateful you are.
  • Consistently showing affection. Simple touching, holding hands, kissing for no reason is a simple way to show how much you love a partner.
  • Mutual empathy. It doesn`t mean solving someone else`s problems, it means being there in good and bad, support when it is really needed.
  • Sexual compatibility. It is inherently a big deal in relationship. It goes without saying that a couple should have a chemistry in bed. There is no right or wrong frequency. If you like doing it only on anniversaries, it is ok if you are both fine with it. Do you like having intimacy multiple times per day? Amazing. As long as your libido levels are the same you won`t have problems.

No relationship is perfect, but people in healthy relationship are aware of it, that’s why they keep learning and growing in a couple. When both partners are equally independent and know what they want in life, being together just gives them another reason to smile every day. Even after many years together, you compliment each other and still know how to surprise. There is no person in charge, they make decisions together, instead of fighting and throwing things at each other, they constructively deal with arguments. When both partners see the future, a small fight won`t be an obstacle on their journey. A lot can be settled if it is in the boundaries of respect, trust and appreciation of each other.