Every year more and more people register on online dating websites or become clients of matchmaking agencies. They all have same goals to find love of their lives, to love and to be loved. These people are so romantic, brave and open minded that for them the borders don’t really matter. Some men are ready to cross the ocean to meet their best halves.

It`s not a secret that online dating can be tricky. Nobody can guarantee you that all the information people provide in their profiles is trustful. And it doesn’t matter if you are using an international or a local dating site.  There are not sincere and strange people in every culture. I`m sure you aware and warn about the scam situations that might happened on your way before you find someone you are really interested in.

You can find a lot of information and tips addressed to men about how not be scammed and very rarely to women, which is not fair. After two loud cases that happened in the USA in 1995 and 2000 in which foreign wives had been physically abused and murdered by their husbands (American citizens), who applied for a K-1 fiancée visa and brought their new wives to America. In one of the cases a record was found that the man had abused a previous wife as well. After such terrifying events it was decided by government to check the backgrounds of American citizens who sponsor marriage visa.              

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) was invented in 2005

to provide safety of female clients (mail brides) and protect them from abusing

Please notice that IMBRA form has to be filled in only by American citizens who want to contact a foreign lady through online dating sites and by the lady. In the future the men will need International Marriage Broker Regulation Act to apply for K-1 fiancée visa if things work out well between him and his international bride.

Citizens of America have to fill in IMBRA form to become a member of international marriage agency and have the opportunity to share the contact details and communicate with potential future wives beyond dating sites. International marriage agencies are not allowed to share with gentlemen contact details of the ladies before they filled in IMBRA form.

US citizens provide the information about their criminal backgrounds in IMBRA form. International marriage agency has to check out provided by applicants information in lists-registers of criminals (including sex-criminals).  If applicant has a record of violent or sexual crimes he will be immediately disqualified from a client base of agency, and no doubts he will be refused in K-1 fiancée visa.

If applicant for K-1 fiancée visa met his potential future wife through international marriage agency where he didn`t fill in IMBRA form, it could be the reason for an officer of American embassy to refuse them in K-1 visa.

Please notice that American citizens are allowed to apply for K-1 fiancée visa only twice, with 2 years gap after the last approved petition.  

If you met your future wife offline, for example with the help of a matchmaking agency or at a speed-dating event you wouldn`t have to fill in IMBRA form. Matchmaking agency arranges the process of introducing two people offline, usually for the purpose of marriage. Clients of the matchmaking agencies don`t exchange personal contact details, they don`t have to know each other phone numbers, surnames or skype addresses, they don’t talk online or by phone before they meet in person. They meet in person and if there is a mutual attraction they can share contact details with each other and proceed getting to know each other on their own.

Matchmaking is an offline dating service where clients meet and see each other in real life. If you met someone on your way home you wouldn`t ask him/her to show IMBRA form before talking, would you?

Couples who find each other through professional matchmaking agencies don`t have to fill in IMBRA form and provide it for K-1 visa. IMBRA form is required only for clients of online dating sites.

Matchmaking agency will support an applicants for K-1 visa with necessary documents as matchmaking license and a letter where will be declared that this matchmaking agency introduced the couple and any of contact details weren`t exchanged before the first meeting in person.