International romance tours to Ukraine

You have asked about international romance tours so many times so we have decided to devote the whole article to this topic. Even though we represent a traditional old-school offline matchmaking service we have absolutely nothing against professional speed dating events or special tours if they introduce real people offline, help improving dating and flirting skills. We have heard about special cruises – so-called “vacation” for single men and women where you relax by the pool on the deck of a ship, make new friends while searching for the love of your life. If you dream to find the right person you have to get out of your comfort zone. Talking to someone online and approaching beautiful girls in real life and building real connections is not the same.

A great idea to expand your pool of search is attending special wine or food tastings, dancing, and art classes (for example, pottery), learning a foreign language, and doing group sports. It is all about new experiences with new people. Traveling solo or with a new group is also a wonderful way to get to know new people.

Saying all this we are not huge fans of so-called “Ukraine romance tours”. Why? First of all because usually, they are not age-appropriate. Our female client was sharing a story about an international speed-dating event for singles that she has attended in another city, so she actually had to travel to be there.

She is 45 years old and really determined to meet someone special soon because both her kids are out of the house and as an empty nester she has lots of time and energy to invest in her personal life. She is even open to relocating for the right man. She finds the whole idea that you can meet international singles truly romantic and therefore appealing and exciting. She has nurtured this dream to build connections with like-minded, well-traveled, intelligent, curious, and romantic gentlemen and maybe even some friendships with women.

Imagine her surprise when she has actually got to the gathering: there were about 15 men – most in their 50s and 60s – and about 100 ladies and most of them were in their 30s and even 20s and were obviously there for free food and drinks and were hanging out in small female groups avoiding undesirable male attention. The lady said there were just two men who looked like they were in their 40s and none of them was paying attention to women their age and only tried to chase the youngest girls. Moreover, guys in their 50s and 60s were ignoring women in their 40s in 50s (and there were just a few ladies from these age groups).

So this very attractive 45 years old lady wearing a new beautiful dress with her hair and make-up done was just sitting and watching how older men were chasing girls who could have easily been their daughters and even granddaughters and these girls (no surprise here) wanted nothing to do with them and obviously were disappointed males at the event were too old.

Is it what romance tours to Ukraine actually look like? Unfortunately, most of them really look like that. The number of males and females is not even, and hosts seem not to care those younger girls are not happy to see adult men instead of young boys as it was promised. Such events are not very popular among Ukrainian girls. They simply don’t want to hang out with an older crowd.

Our male client – a 30-year-old dentist from Germany has attended an event in the south of Ukraine. He liked catching advertisement that has promised the best romance tours that you can combine with a vacation in Ukraine. He has decided to give it a try. He hoped to meet many single attractive ladies who are open to international dating. Instead, he was stuck with the group of guys – who were at least 20 years older than he was surrounded by women in their late 30s – early and late 40s. He said there were just 3 girls his age, but they all were divorced and had kids. Our client has returned to Germany empty-handed. He has wasted his vacation time, money, and energy. On the other hand, no one has promised to introduce him to ladies who match his criteria. It was promised he would meet 100 single ladies which he did. He made the wring investment.

Trying to win the attention of someone you find attractive and competing with other guys can be a lot. Also,many gentlemen tend to constantly choose to approach the wrong type of females with the wrong attitude. Attending a specialized offline gathering is a good idea if it is age-appropriate, well-organized, and if a person who attends has the right attitude and has realistic expectations. Even the smartest gentlemen get easily distracted by much younger women and start thinking what if she can choose him back? They quickly lose the touch with reality and let delusions mess up with their dating strategy. Guys, if a young attractive blond has smiled at you, it doesn’t mean she wants to go out with you or have your babies. You can remind her of her favorite University professor, or she is just polite.

When it comes to the love search our emotions are always on and we often forget what we actually need and why. There always is the most good-looking guy or woman in the crowd who pretty often is just more easy-going and relaxed and out of a sudden everyone wants to win their attention without thinking straight. Do you actually know this person? What are his or her long-term goals? Does she want to have kids soon or is he looking for a serious relationship and marriage? People dismiss everyone else as plain in comparison just because they are less bubbly. Dating is tricky only if you are not smart about it.