We have decided to devote one of our articles to interracial dating. Being an international matchmaking agency we think it is important to highlight this issue since we have clients from different countries and we are directly connected with the situation when people from different parts of the world want to establish an “international/interracial relationship”. So, what are the pros and cons of interracial dating and marriages?

Let us leave the positive facts for the “dessert” and start with the something less delightful.

Since interracial dating and marriages are quite widespread nowadays, there has been a number of surveys held by specialists, which has shown the following drawbacks of such relationships.

  1. The first and absolutely obvious one is the inconsistency between cultures, traditions and, of course, upbringing children. Therefore, there can be a lot of misunderstanding and even conflicts in an interracial family. The subjects of the argument may vary from observing daily rituals and customs, cooking traditions, or some religious rituals, which can be extremely important not only during some Lents or religious holidays, but even while celebrating birthdays, weddings or other life events.
  2. The second drawback of interracial dating as well as of international marriages that has to be mentioned is the disapproving, condemnation and misunderstanding of other people surrounding you. And very often not only your neighbours, acquaintances and business partners, or other people who do not know you well start making rumours and reproach you for being with “this” girl or “this” girl being with you because you both have some benefit (money or other) from this marriage, but your own family, people who are supposed to give you a helping hand in any situation, disagree to support you.
  3. The last drawback of interracial dating I would like to mention, is a vital and inseparable part of international marriages. When two people from different countries get married, one of them has to move to his or her partner’s country, where he/she has to face new life-style, new mentality, new work, law and healthcare organisation, not to mention heaps of papers that an “international” couple has to fill in. Another problem can arise because one of the partners can become home-sick and miss his/her motherland, family and friends who have stayed there.

Having read the first part you can become discouraged from finding yourself a wife in another country, but I will ask you to read about the benefits of international marriages and you will surely come back to your initial desire.

Referring to what psychologists say about interracial dating and marriages, such alliances teach society to be tolerant and be able to treat people of different nationalities with understanding. Such marriages improve relations between countries and nations. International families stimulate interest in learning more about the historical and social life of other countries and motivate cooperation between nations.

According to psychological surveys, about 40% questioned, think that interracial marriages are short-lasting, about 20% of respondents say that there is no difference in the quality of a marriage being mono- or multiracial, while the rest 40% are absolutely sure that an international marriage is a positive sociological phenomenon and interracial families are much stronger than monoracial ones.

What you must clearly understand is the fact that it is not important whether the family consists of people of different or same nations. What really matters is the harmony, welfare and strength obtained by tolerance, a desire to get new experience, respect, trust, true feelings and serious attitude to the family from both partners, being able to take responsibility and mutual love. So, if you are still thinking, whether it is worth starting interracial dating or looking for a foreign wife, thinking what other people will say, or how many problems you will have, it is not for you. But, if you have a strong desire to become happy and are not afraid to make the necessary efforts, you are welcome to join our challenging, interesting and such a “hope-giving” world of international matchmaking.