Are you considering dating a Ukrainian lady? Somehow, there has appeared quite widespread opinion that Ukrainian women don’t mind dating with age difference. Ukraine is a poor country and each girl here dreams about marrying her foreign prince. So she won’t mind your appearance and age if you show her a foreign passport. If you really believe in this kind of stereotypes, you can become an easy prey for gold diggers and dating scammers. I have to disappoint you but no Ukrainian girl will look at the elderly man who doesn’t keep fit and take care of his looks.

Is Age Difference Acceptable for Ukrainian Ladies?

I’m not trying to convince you that dating with age difference is impossible. It’s a typical thing for Ukrainian women to expect a man to be capable of taking care of her, to be a leader in a relationship. And usually it is an older man who can provide this feeling of security, trust and reliability. Actually, any normal and healthy relationship should be based on mutual respect and attention to each other’s needs. You should believe your partner and be open to him or her, share your genuine feelings freely. It’s a guarantee of harmony and stability in any kind of relationship.

Returning to the subject of dating with age difference, I would dare to confirm that Ukrainian women do prefer dating older men. According to a social poll, most women prefer a man to be 5 years older. Actually their preferences vary between 3 and 10 years. Quite few women chose men older than 10 years and even fewer casted their voice for a younger man. Psychologists suppose that it is a result of upbringing. Little boys are taught that they should be responsible, independent and stable to provide for themselves and their families. Even the proverb says that every man should plant a tree, build a house and then raise a son which is possible only in a mature age. On the other hand, girls should be just young and beautiful to give birth to healthy children. Thus, dating with age difference is imposed since the childhood.

Opinions differ and mostly depend on the age of women. Young ladies who are under 25 years old prefer to date with their peers or have a relationship with a little age difference. However, this statement is too generalized, as I personally know some girls who consider an older man to be more interesting and mature. Older women are less picky in the choice of age and don’t mind if their partner is older for more than 5 years. Regardless, the most popular opinion among Ukrainian women is that the relationship with a huge age gap is a ridiculous thing. So even with the beliefs in a wealthy of families with older man and younger woman, dating with age difference that is more than 10 years will be inappropriate for Ukrainian society.

Even psychologists agree that the most acceptable age difference between two loving people is no more than 10 years. Generations change every 10 years. If the difference is bigger, than your interests can drastically differ. The more the age gap, the harder it is to find a common language. What will you do when the honeymoon phase of your relationship turns into a routine of family life? Having nothing to share with your partner is a real problem for a healthy and long-term relationship while dating with age difference.

Don’t be naive expecting a young beautiful lady to marry an old man out of pure love. Be more rational and look for a partner not only in accordance with age. As mentioned previously, healthy relationship includes lots of other factors. In addition, Ukrainian women care about their appearance a lot so at any age they have their own special charm.