Is age really just a number?

As a professional matchmaker who is matching singles for more than 10 years already I can confess that every week at least 2 or 3 times I hear the phrase «age is just a number». It is interesting that male clients more often than female clients claim that age is just a number. Usually the context for this claim is: «Though I am 58 years old I act and think like a 30 years old and I look like a 35 years old, so ladies my age do not attract me while they do not have my energy, so I am looking for someone who is 25-35 years old. After all age is just a number».

I totally understand and absolutely agree with the fact that different people look and act differently at the same age.

Not so long ago I ran into my classmate at the bank. I haven’t recognized him until he told me who he was, though his voice sounded really familiar. I have remembered him from school as a tall, athletic rather phlegmatic boy with unruly black hair and Metallica T-shirt, but at the bank I saw a bald middle aged man with a prominent belly, friendly smile and confident stature. We have started talking and I got so caught up that I ran late to my appointment with the bank manager. When I told my manager that I went to school with his colleague he was really surprised and has several times tried to specify if we were talking about the same person. Well, I am still always asked for my ID in the USA or Ukraine when I try to buy alcohol, so I understand the confusion of the bank manager.

I get it, we all age differently and it depends on so many factors. But lets return to the gentlemen who claim that age is just a number and they do not want to limit themselves because of such «insignificant» thing as age.

Actually age does matter for these gentlemen, because when I suggest them a lady who is 39 or 42 years old the feedback I get is always standard: «Too old». I try to reason that she is 16 years younger than you, but the answer remains usual: «too old». I am not even speaking about suggesting to consider someone his age or a few years older.

So from my experience when I hear from a a gentleman «age is just a number» I know for sure that age matters a lots to him!

And what is it like with the ladies? There is a popular stereotype that Ukrainian ladies prefer dating older gentlemen. So do Ukrainian  ladies really believe that age is just a number?

We did a research and have asked Ukrainian ladies several questions about relationship

The first question was: «Is age just a number?»

75% of female respondents claimed that age is just a number, so we have decided to dig dipper to find out if they truly mean it.

We have decided to find out the attitude of Ukrainian ladies to younger and older gentlemen and to understand what is in their opinion «too young», «too old» and «most desirable» age gaps.

We have asked Ukrainian ladies if they are open to go out on a date with a gentleman who is 5 years younger.

65% gave a positive answer, while 35% claimed they definitely wouldn’t go out with someone 5 years younger.

And how about someone 10 years younger?

31% of Ukrainian ladies said they would go out with a gentleman 10 years younger.

According to the research the most desirable age gap for Ukrainian ladies is plus 10 years. 95% of female respondents would love to go out with a gentleman who is 10 years older.

How about someone 15 years older?

67% claimed they are open to go out on a date with someone 15 years older.

And how about an even bigger age gap?

Are Ukrainian ladies open to go out on a date with someone 20 years older? 80% of female respondents are not open to go out on a date with a gentleman who is 20 years older.

So we can make a conclusion that even though 75% of female respondents have agreed with the statement that «age is just a number» age matters for Ukrainian ladies.

So «age is just a number» when we are talking about minus 5 or plus 10 age difference, but it definitely matters when we are talking about dating someone 15 or 20 years older or 10 years younger.

We have asked Ukrainian ladies another important question: when they accept an invitation to go out on a date do they consider the gentleman to be a potential partner? 57% agreed with the statement while 43% would go out on date out of curiosity or for fun even though they do not really consider their date a «dating material». How does it translate into the dating world? Even if a girl who is 15 or 20 years younger has agreed to go out on a date with you the chances she might be serious about getting into relationship with an age gap are about 50%. It is up to you to decide if the odds are good, after all we make our choice if the glass is half full or half empty.

92% of female respondents believe you should agree to go out on a date for fun without strong interest in a gentleman because after all you can never know if this can turn out to be serious.

So is age just a number?

Of course it is not so. Relationship with big age gapes (15 years and up) are definitely not for everyone. They will have both advantages and disadvantages.

According to our research Ukrainian ladies really prefer to date older and 5 to 10 age gap is the most appealing. The majority of respondents would date someone 5 years younger, but are reluctant to agree to go out on a date with someone 10 years younger. So the myth that Ukrainian ladies prefer older men is actually true, though it is important to keep in mind that «older» doesn’t mean 25 or 35 age gap.

I would like to wish everyone to find someone really special and to have healthy happy relationship regardless of your age.

Svetlana Mukha, with love