Nowadays it has become quite a commonplace situation to call feminism the reason why a lot of marriages around the world either get destroyed or never happen to be. Let us look at this issue closer and try to think whether it is true that feminism is destroying the institution of marriage or not.

Is it true that feminism is destroying the institution of marriage ?

Psychologists all over the world are worried about the fact that there is global crisis of marriage in general as well as the crisis of long-lasting love relationship. Men usually seek the problem within feminism, while women state that men are just not ready to accept changes and develop together with them.

The model of relationship in which a man is the head of the family, who provides for his wife and children, and a woman is a housekeeper, who does not talk back to her husband, is old-fashioned. At the same time we have not found a suitable model of relationship between a man and a woman yet.

Some psychologists see the bad influence of feminism on women and on relationship in the fact that they (women) do not want to bear children and bring them up, that is to fulfill their direct mission. They say that children used to be the highest priority, while now women appreciate money, power, and other signs of successful life.

On the one hand, I have to agree that nowadays a lot of women tend to become manly, when they get to this men’s territory. They learn how to fulfill “men” functions and very often lose their natural essence of being a woman. In such a case, they have nothing to do but find the way to substitute these natural values by the artificial ones. And the success of the followers of feminism lies not in the creation of the family, but in self development and climbing the career ladder.

On the other hand, being a modern woman, I have to tell you that like many women, who have learnt what equality means, I am not ready to spend all my life cooking and washing the clothes at home. However, I do not want to be the head of the family, what is more I do want a family and a husband. Is there any way out?  

Of course, there is no denying that feminism and its flows have changed women. Nowadays they have enough time and opportunities to provide for themselves and their children. (Yes, they manage to give birth to kids and become professional businesswomen) They develop themselves mentally and spiritually. They do not want to come back to the state of being no smarter than to be able to conduct a conversation and understand what a man is talking about. Women are not ready to give up developing themselves and devote their life to comforting their men. Women have changed forever, so it is better to accept them the way they are and try to find some compromise.

My dear men, if you have started thinking that you are screwed, I want you to understand that modern women are not keen followers of feminism. They love men. They want families. Modern women are a mixture of economic independence, professional realization, style and taste for life. They do not fight against men, they just want to live and enjoy the life.

So, if you want to know my personal opinion of whether feminism is destroying the institution of marriage or not, I will tell you that the modern version of it is far from being so evil. Modern feminists need a man beside them and a family. However, the sense of it is different. A modern woman does not need a man to support her financially; she needs a man to share the pleasures of life with her. To do that, my dear men, you  have to do nothing but learn to cooperate with your woman: help her with the child, while she is attending some seminar, mop the floor or cook dinner, while she is having a business meeting. Is it a big price for a happy marriage? Therefore, now it is only up to you to decide whether you want to blame feminism for the increase in divorces, or, maybe, it is time for you to see at the world with new eyes and accept the new woman – independent, but ready to give you her love in exchange for some little help and understanding.