Is first-date sex a relationship killer?

Should you sleep with a woman on the first date? If you want to sleep with a pretty Slavic girl after you’ve just got acquainted with her, we do not recommend you should do it. Do you lack the self-control to hold on until you both get to know each other better? If your potential romantic relationship is only revolving around plays in bed, the relationship will not last long.
In contrast, you may ask how to understand whether you have chemistry. You could believe, intimacy seems an effective way to assure you both you are not playing mind games and your connection is desired. Sometimes your rendezvous goes well and ends in bed. It depends on what type of report the two people had prior to the meeting. In particular, you both were “friends” and then went out for an official dinner, the “getting to know each other” phase had already progressed.

However, when it comes to international dating, there are high chances: sleeping with someone on the first date is not a good idea. You may cross the ocean to see her, you’re waiting for several months to meet, perhaps, the two of you are interested in finding your better half, and dream about a happy family and kids. Does having sex on the first date or too early ruin an intimate relationship?

There’s no right or wrong number of meetings to wait until having sex. Whether it’s been zero, three, 300, or infinity ones, what’s most important is that the woman should not feel pressured to have it and feel it’s the only option or the only way out of the situation. You don’t want to be too pushy, do you?
Anyway, we are human beings! Nevertheless, broaching this delicate topic could lead to getting completely lost. You wouldn’t like to give the wrong impression — all you are eager for is intimacy as soon as possible, would you? This happens to be the main reason why ladies tend to turn down early sex, despite being attracted to the guy, because of the potential negative repercussions.

Besides, even if you’re super attracted to the woman, your intercourse still might not be amazing, simply because you do not know what she likes in bed. If this happens, you might be more likely to write her off, when in truth, all you really needed was more practice.
The key is to remember the importance of honest communication with the lady and with yourself. Remember, there is no harm in waiting, especially if you have serious intentions and want to get to know each other better.