Not long ago I have come across the following “cry of soul” on the Internet:

I want a clever man. Not the one who will suppress my brain with irrational equations or difficult mathematical formulas.

I want the one, who wears shirts and lets his woman wear one of his favourites. There is nothing better than button and unbutton it. He can drink beer as a real gentleman and he makes tasty coffee.  He is equally good at philosophy, politics and law. He watches Euronews and can endlessly discuss football, the latest music releases, the advantages of an ipod shuffle in comparison with ipod classic. He occasionally reads Japanese poetry and indulgently says “my goodness” at the sight of the latest Vogue magazine. He knows that miu-miu is not the Italian for “meow-meow”. He can cook and does not whimper that it is not his responsibility. He knows which meat is the best for a steak and where to buy it. He does not take offence or sulk because he knows that we are not in primary school. He always speaks his mind and looks straight into your eyes. He knows when to hurt and when to give an endless honey kiss. He knows what to say and what to do. He comes, sees and takes it. A clever man makes you excited  with his one word and with the way he shakes down his Tissot watch from the wrist. I want a clever man. Neither more, nor less.

Having read this, we were interested to find out what our women clients think about men’s intelligence. Do they love clever men? Having listened to their answers, we have come to a conclusion that Ukrainian women do love clever men and here are some reasons why according to what they have said:

  1. A clever man will provide for the family and children better because he will have a well-paid job.
  2. A clever man is more loyal, than a man who is handsome, since the clever one is not spoilt by women’s attention and he will not smile back to every beautiful girl staring at him.
  3. It is interesting to communicate with a clever man. Women love clever men, who have a lot of topics to discuss and know many interesting things to tell.
  4. A clever man can give a good piece of advice, while a handsome man will not always do that.
  5. Some women think that their friends will not be jealous, if they have a man, who is clever, but not very handsome. (Though, in my opinion, it is a controversial issue).
  6. Women love clever men because they can forgive their woman’s drawbacks.
  7. A clever man will never be an arrogant egoist and will always think not only about himself, but about his woman too.
  8. Finally, a clever man is not a walking encyclopaedia, but a mixture of knowledge and the ability to make judgements, understand the connection between events and phenomena, a good sense of humour and self-irony. Without these features, a man will be a know-all nerd, or narcissist.

To sum up all that we have written above, I want to say that it is obvious that women love clever men, but they do not love the ones, who make them think, because feelings are the most important thing for women. However, as psychologists say, intellectual men have a natural wish to show their knowledge of scientific and statistical data to impress a woman at first sight, instead of making a simple compliment to her. That is why, if you are clever enough and want to win a woman’s heart you must not forget that relationship has to be like a sparkle, which is impossible to foresee. Be childish when it is appropriate and play snowballs or hide-and-seek with your woman. Believe it or not, it is your (clever man’s) habit to think a lot, analyse feelings and make decisions for yourself as well as for other people that can make you a lonely man, since it is very unlikely that you will be able to win a woman’s heart using your logical thinking only.