Nowadays we are able to travel almost everywhere. We can explore different countries, even continents. We can meet people from different cultures and learn about their customs and traditions. For dinner, we can order dishes from all over the world. Nowadays country borders are opened as never before. People can fly and cross the oceans. It`s unbelievable, isn`t it? It would be shame not to use such opportunities and not see all the beauty of Planet Earth.

In this article I want to speak about traveling to Ukraine, how to get there, what to see and how save it actually is.

Ukraine is an European country that`s located in Eastern Europe and has such neighbors as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Belarus. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and the biggest city of the country. Usually foreigners start to explore the country from this city. One of the reason is the biggest international airport (Boryspil) that is located there. Boryspil hosts many international flights what makes it very comfortable to travel to Ukraine. As well there are many domestic flights so it won’t be a problem to travel to the different interesting cities of Ukraine. Also you can take a comfortable train or bus to get to your destination.

There are so many places to stay in and visit in Kyiv. You will be very surprised how many hotels of different levels and conceptions (from 5* stars premium class hotels to private cozy mini-hotels) are ready to open their doors for you. How many restaurants of different cuisine would be happy to feed you. When you travel to Ukraine you should definitely try the traditional Ukrainian dishes like “Borsch” and “Okroshka”, Ukrainian dumplings and stuffed cabbage rolls, “Holodets” and many-many others.

There are a lot of sights, museums, theatres and places that will be great to visit in Kyiv. You will never get bored here because of something is always going on in this megapolis. For example, Kyiv hosted an international song competition “Eurovision” last year. This year there was the final match of the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League. It was played at NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kyiv. You can imagine how many fans and supporters traveled to Ukraine from all over the world to be a part of such huge events that were hosted in Ukraine. If it was dangerous, such big events wouldn`t take place in Ukraine.

Also there are a list of the cities that I can suggest you to visit when you will travel to Ukraine:

  • Kharkov is known as the second largest city of Ukraine as well as the first capital of Ukraine. Kharkov is one of the main industrial, cultural and educational center of the country. Diversity of restaurants, museums, theatres and parks will make your trip memorable. Kharkov International Airport (HRK) is what makes Kharkov very easy to get to.

  • Odessa is the most popular seaside resort in Ukraine and one of the most picturesque city of the country. Odessa is a perfect place for summer holidays. I highly recommend you not to lie on the beach all days long but have a city tour and see many sights of this wonderful city. Odessa is definitely a unique city with the rich history and its own atmosphere.       

  • Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine. The historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No other city in Ukraine is so mysterious and architecturally gorgeous. You will find there baroque, renaissance, gothic and classicism styles. It will be a good idea to have a degustation tour in Lviv. The city is famous by coffee and chocolate.

  • Zaporozhye. If you are interested in the history of Cossacks you should definitely visit Khortytsia island where Historical and Cultural Complex “Zaporozhian Sich” is located.

In Ukraine, you can feel just as safe as in any European country. There are two cities you should avoid during your trip to Ukraine. You will not able to visit Lugansk and Donetsk anyway because they are closed off for visitors.

You shouldn’t worry about being misunderstood in Ukraine. Although Ukrainians speak Russian and Ukrainian, nowadays many young people can speak English easily too.

There are many places that are worth to visit in Ukraine. You are more than welcome to Ukraine to explore this wonderful country and experience Ukrainian hospitality.