How To Maintain Your Relationship

Building strong relationships is quite tough at times, however, your couple’s ups and downs could be taken with humor and healthy realism like rain or storm. Here I’d like to offer some tips about romantic relationships. Hope, my advice will be useful, in particular, because they are based on experts’ and psychologists’ point of view. I’m going to tell how to maintain a healthy relationship and how to keep an ongoing relationship fresh. What should be highlighted is that you’d better have… sex as often as possible!
First and foremost, open communication and being in contact is extremely beneficial. It’s what makes a good relationship the best one. According to the newest study your communication style is essential. It seems more important than your ability to handle stress or personality traits. Loving spouses aren’t afraid of conflicts and arguments, because they know how to have a healthy relationship talking to each other with honesty and respect. Face to face communication can create greater intimacy, therefore, using your laptop or mobile phone isn’t a good idea.
What makes your point of view more clearly is assertive communication. Using “I” statements could help. For instance, you can say: “I’m frustrated when I ask for help, you agree to assist and after that do nothing” instead “You never listen to me” or “Why are you ignoring me?”. What is more, forgiveness and your ability to say sorry helps heal breakdowns inevitably occurring.
Small details shouldn’t be forgotten. Being grateful and caring is a key, manners shouldn’t be avoided, even if you live together with your partner for ten years. Striking up a polite conversation or saying compliments to your sight for sore eyes, offering your girlfriend or boyfriend coffee or some sweets might be effective ways to keep your relationship exciting.
What is a healthy relationship between a couple? Research shows that physical activities are not only good for your health and lifestyle, but make you more satisfied with your marriage. You can exercise together! Scientists believe that romantic and sexual arousal is pretty similar to having fun and high on sport.
Travel with your beloved ones as well as separately. Thinking how to make your relationship stronger, marriage and family therapists suggest having regular journeys with new friends and enjoying adventures without your spouse. New empowering and encouraging experience could add a spark of divine inspiration to your life and your partner will be thrilled to meet you again. You are likely to be having a nice little reunion.
Laughing is a one-size-fits-all approach of keeping your love on at every step. What’s the best way to relax your body, release the level of endorphins, lower our stress level and boost your immune system? Laugh! It’s not a secret that laughing or a smile makes you look and feel better. Moreover, humor is one of the most effective drugs, which is able to prolong life and makes you closer to each other.
Would you like to stay together for years? Have lunch or dinner together every day. It might become a spiritual and emotional ritual. Eating healthy in the evening promotes nutrition, encourages men and women to spend their spare time together and provides a cosy space for magic and passion.
Having sex as often as possible could relieve anxiety immediately and reduce the tension. In addition, regular sex helps you improve sleep, prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, boost your libido and… count as exercise. As far as I know, it’s one of the most powerful method to strengthen your marriage.
There is nothing worse than routine and boredom making our life stagnant. Do you want to play an extraordinary family role? For instance, cooking instead of driving or fixing things instead of cleaning. Yeah, switching roles might be confusing, but makes you appreciate your partners’ efforts. Needless to say, changing roles in bed intensifies your sex life. Perhaps, it’s your turn to add a bit of passion and rekindle the old flame.
Psychologists recommend creating habits and rituals like a goodbye kiss in the morning or coffee in bed on weekends, walk after dinner or weekly dates. Surprise each other. Romance can be an integral part of your life. Probably, it’s time to plan an amazing adventure, buy concert tickets, rent a boat or turn your dining area into a fancy café.
I believe that if you fall in love and metaphorically speaking, choose a long-distance race, you’ll have a unique opportunity to become a winner and celebrate your golden anniversary.