Goog time of day, my dear reader. This article will be devoted to a very important question that many people ask us almost every day: is matchmaking service for me? Can you guess what we answer to it? Before you read next, try to answer this question yourself… 

Is matchmaking service for everyone?

So, if you have never tried matchmaking service, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is that it is for people, who are miserable, who have no chance to find themselves a partner without any help. While «normal» people can find their match easily and they do not need any professionals to look for anyone, organise dates, give consultations, etc. Therefore, if your first thought was like this, the answer is: no, matchmaking service is not for everyone and definitely not for you. 

On the other hand, if you are a part of the team and you have been either using the help of matchmaking professionals, or somehow are connected with the business, you can say that matchmaking service is open to people of different social layers and professions. For example, among our clients there are lawyers, teachers, business people, singers, artists, PHDs, students, sports people, etc. Looking at the issue from this point, we can definitely say that there are no limits to what kinds of people can use the help of matchmaking professionals. 

«And what about the age?», you may think. Does it matter? As for me, it does. For instance, I would not advise too young (about 18-20 years old) people to address matchmaking agencies. Why? Just think about it… they are not old enough to understsand what exactly they want from this life. While the task of any matchmaking agency is to create a loving couple, who will turn into a family soon. But if the clients do not know what they expect from their possible partner, this will never lead to any happy end like «they lived happily ever after and died on one day». 

However, I am not saying that young people cannot use matchmaking service at all. If they feel mature enough to think about creating a family and are ready to go to a matchmaking agency, the professional one will definitely organise an interview to find out what their potential client wants and whether it is possible to help them. 

Another category of people, usually women, who are not expected to use matchmaking service, are ladies over 50. And there is a special reason for this. According to general stereotypes, men do not want «mature and experienced» women as life partners, who have seen life. Or, to be more precise, they may want such a woman, however her age must not be higher than 45, which is, actually, regarded as old. Is it really possible? It is like a job advertisement saying: we need a highly-professional worker, with working experience over 10 years, not older than 25. HOW??? In my opinion, women after 50 have the right to address a matchmaking agency, but they have to be ready to wait a bit until their gentleman finds them. 

What else can I add to the written above? I personally believe that matchmaking service is for everyone… whose heart is open to love, who knows that they are tired of being alone and are sure that they do want to leave single life and become family people; it is for those, who are responsible, serious and sincere. However, if a person does not know what they want from life, if they doubt whether to use matchmaking service because it may be a scam, I do not think they should go to a matchmaking agency. That is because they will never be able to trust the people, who work there. And without trust, hope and desire nobody will be able to help them. 

So, what is your answer to the question now? Is matchmaking service for everyone?  

Your cupid Valeriia with love