Is matchmaking service worth its cost?

It is definitely an investment into your future relationship.

Sounds not too romantic to you, doesn’t it? Let me give you a few examples of how a professional cupid makes your life easier.

Imagine that you have finally decided now is the time to meet the right girl to start a relationship that can lead to marriage. Sounds easy, doesn’t it, especially if you look at the abundance of dating sites and apps. Let’s assume you have registered at a few and suddenly you start receiving texts (if you are natural with approaching women and your photos are good) or you do not receive texts and keep staring at your screen.

Even if you manage to get phone numbers and dates with girls from dating apps pretty soon you are going to learn that quantity doesn’t mean quality. Many women will look nothing like their pictures, or it will turn out she has forgotten to mention she is actually not divorced yet and still lives with her “so-called ex”, or she is 38 and not 29 as it was written in her profile. Imagine how it feels to be constantly deceived? Even if the lie is small. Even if she has just used a not very recent photo of herself, so instead of a skinny blond a curvy brunette shows up. Men usually lie about their height, marital status, and age on dating apps, women often lie about their age, weight, marital status, and looks.

So, what a professional cupid can do to help you? He or she carefully filters all the singles you are going to meet, and verifies they are who they claim they are, look like their photos, and are single and open to something serious and lasting, your matchmaker makes certain you are introduced to singles who share your values, have similar long-term goals and even share some of your passions and interests. Also, at a client is introduced to ladies who have seen his photos, know important basic information about him, and feel truly excited to get to know him!

And this work saves you months or even years of going out on dates with people who are just not for you because they have different expectations and understanding what is love. We are not even talking right now about online communications that last for years and lead to nothing.

Do you want more? A matchmaker will save you money. I am sure you already know professional matchmaking is a premium service for people who take the search for the best-half seriously and are smart about their choices, so how can a matchmaker save money? Very simple – you will meet just 4 or 5 singles who match your criteria and with whom you have strong chances to build a healthy lasting relationship that has potential to lead to marriage. You won’t have to meet 100 women, take them out, court them, face disappointments because she doesn’t return your calls, look nothing like her photos, literally has agreed to have dinner with you because she was bored or just didn’t feel like eating alone. Instead, you will invest your time and energy into your work, hobbies and meeting preselected candidates who match all your criteria.

Of course, we can’t introduce you to a Megan Fox if you do not look and have the fame of her new boyfriend, but a professional matchmaker can introduce you to a lady whom otherwise you will not have a chance to get to know, or you will have to go through a hundred of different dates before you get lucky. Do you have time to waste on the wrong people?

Matchmaking service is a game-changer if you want a serious relationship and not just something casual and not meaningful.

So how much does it cost to save yourself from several years of active search, endless chants online, no show ups, disappointments, unpleasant dates with people who have zero interest in you?

Of course, hiring a matchmaker is a big decision. You must think it over if you are truly ready to find someone special and to commit. Also, you must be ready to be completely honest with your matchmaker and to accept his or her professional feedback regarding your “dating habits”, ability to approach and court women, and your expectations. It is shocking how many men have zero skills in proper flirt and courtship.

So, hire or not to hire a matchmaker? Well, it depends on how much time you are ready to invest into your search if you are ready to go through hundreds of dates before you find the right partner.

It is very similar to hiring candidates based on an online search or seeking help and experience of the professional recruiting agency that not only has more recourses to conduct all the necessary interviews but often has its own base of candidates or exclusive access to different closed databases. Of course, if we are talking about hiring another accountant – you can hire one for probation and then change the candidate if he is not skilled enough. You can’t take a girlfriend for probation.

When relationships do not work out both get hurt. Both need time to heal their souls and the ability to trust. So, it is so much safer for your heart and sanity to go out and to try to build a romantic relationship only with those singles who share your values and are sincere about their true intentions.

Some people say love is complicated. Well, it is not once you meet someone who shares your values and has similar long-term goals and dreams. Once you find a person who likes you, accepts you, and is proud to be with you – then you feel like it was always meant to be this way. No games are played, you just enjoy each other.