Jealousy in relationship can make it difficult for both partners. It makes us go mad and mutual understanding disappears making the couple to break up.

Having doubts about your better half’s loyalty, feeling anger, offense or pity for yourself, signals that jealousy has probably appeared in your relationship. And if you really think your relationship is important, you must try to overcome jealousy not to let it destroy your love.

Let us look at what makes people be jealous.

First of all, it is very important to understand that the main reason of jealousy is inside the person who distrusts his partner. Very often, it is low self-esteem that makes a person want constant proof that his partner loves him, want to be with him and is ready to do anything for him. And if the partner pays a little less attention to the “jealous-man”, he takes it really painfully, as it makes him feel unnecessary and unloved.  

People who feel jealous are often over-concentrated on their relationship, thinking it is their sense of life and that is why they are afraid to lose it. On the one hand, it is OK to want to save the relationship; still, everything must have its limits. That is why, if being afraid to lose your partner poisons your life, we can hardly call it a good quality.

Another reason for jealousy could be our own wish to do something, which we are afraid to confess even to ourselves. For example, very often a jealous-man can be the one who is thinking of cheating on his partner or has already done something like it, and now is trying to bring “the crime” home to his innocent partner.

The next reason, which makes people jealous, is being unable to trust their love partner, usually caused by previous negative experience. Looking back at it a jealous man can over-control his better half, wishing to spend all the time with her.  

In any case, no matter why you are jealous, your relationship is under threat and if you do not try to overcome jealousy, it will definitely either spoil your relationship with arguments or even make you break up.

Are there any ways to overcome jealousy? Yes. It is not hopeless and we believe that we will help you.

The first thing you should do is to admit that you are jealous and find out the reason why. Is there really a reason to be jealous, or are you value your love partner too much and do not want to lose her? Maybe your relationship has changed and you do not spend so much time together and talk about your feelings less? The first step to overcome jealousy in this case is to talk to your woman about your feelings. Explain her why you behave like this and if there is a serious reason why she still cannot spend more time with you (too much work, looking after the baby, a new hobby, looking after a sick relative) try to make the quality of your relationship better to be able to feel loved again.

If your love partner gives you enough attention, and you are still jealous, try to look at what is going on with you. Sometimes, concentrating on relationship, a person forgets about his own self and take himself and a partner as a comprehensive whole. In such a case, you should find yourself a good hobby that will be only yours. If you still think that your partner can find someone else, find out why she is with you now. There must be something in you that she likes and what makes her want to continue your relationship.

In any case, do not make your woman think of cheating on you. Even if she has not looked at other men, your constant distrust, interrogations and accusations can encourage her to look for someone other. Believe me, if a woman really loves you, she will never betray.

In case you are the object of jealousy, you have to think if you could possibly do something to make your woman feel so. If you have really got into some hobby or sphere of your life, it will be enough to return your emotional nearness and everything will be fine.

On the other hand, if your woman is still constantly jealous even after your efforts to show your feelings, be closer and revive the passion, you may be not the reason for her jealousy. It can be just her inner state. In such a case, if this woman is dear to you, you can help her overcome jealousy by giving some advice, which you have found in our article. But please, do not say something like this: “You need some help. Here you go – read this. Maybe you will understand something!” Be tender and help her overcome her problem talking to her. Ask her what makes her jealous and try not to do what disappoints your lady.

Finally, remember that trying to overcome jealousy in relationship can be quite difficult, since you may have to carefully look for the reason. However, if you both value each other, ready to compromise and are sincere, you will surely find harmony and comfort in your relationship.