Jewish dating

Religion and relationship… How do these two notions blend in together? Speaking of Jewish people, it is known love relationship and marriage are quite different from other religions. Therefore, singles tend to look for their better half on special dating websites, which promise to help them find a partner, who has the same views on this issue.

A lot of singles are attracted by the loud promises of online services and waste their time tracking down true love in cyberspace. They believe it is possible to find their soulmate, who will make up a single organism very fast, since love-online is faster.
Unfortunately, I personally have seen many hearts break in such a chase. Is there any way to help them? Absolutely! The following story told by our client is a great example.

Michael. Before addressing I used one of dating sites for Jewish singles, which seemed quite a good idea. I met a girl, who looked like the candidate to become my wife. Chatting with her, I understood she respected marriage, she was ready to compromise and even change to “make our future better”. However, when we met in person, I understood all her words had been a big lie. She was far from being the woman I had communicated with on computer and even further from wanting to get married with me. I was heartbroken, the whole time spent on online service was a hoax… I didn’t know what to do. The idea of using such sites to become a happy family man faded.

This is when I stumbled into service website. There I found a lot of information on relationship, which helped me recover from my “failed” love and I started thinking of new romance. Of course, Jewish dating sites were out of my favorites and I decided to try matchmaking. I sent a letter to Diolli’s manager, got a quick reply and soon had a Skype interview with them. After a thorough “interrogation” I understood I had no choice but address these people.

It is clear that what company offers is real, all the girls do respect my religion (though I have met just two ladies so far). Frankly speaking, I am sure one of them is my soulmate, who I will marry soon.

Sharing my story with you, I am not going to stop you from using any sites, still I want to remind that being alive creatures, people need support from alike ones. So, probably, it is better to find your love in reality instead of Internet world.

Valeria Matskevich With love