I would like to express how impressed I am with the services provided by Diolli.com. I am a 27-year-old business owner from the United States. I have extremely high standards and I was having a hard time finding a lady with the qualities I insist on. I heard it may be possible to find these qualities in Ukraine. I was hesitant to use a Ukrainian Dating site or agency as there are a lot of fraudulent companies. I did my research and the only Agency I felt comfortable with was Diolli.com.

I contacted Diolli and started the process. I had a Skype interview with Svetlana and the team got to work. I arrived in Ukraine without baggage, as it was lost in flight. Even though this was not the responsibility of Diolli.com, They took me shopping multiple times to get items necessary for my stay. Honestly, I have never worked with a company that had this level of customer service.

Let the dating begin! I had dates with five ladies of impeccable character and beauty. I was impressed and it is hard to impress me. The dates were methodically planned by Diolli. Transportation, activities, translation, flowers and restaurants were all handled so that I could focus exclusively on getting to know the ladies.

I highly recommend Diolli.com.
Thank You Team Diolli!