I am sure that you have seen two people kissing somewhere in the street. What was the first thing that came to your mind? Did you feel happy for those sweethearts or did you turn away from them thinking how a decent man and a woman could do such a thing in a place where everyone could see them. Or, maybe, you wanted to take your gun out and shoot them?

We have asked Ukrainian ladies to tell us what they think about kissing in public and cannot wait to share the results of our survey with you.

Being a Ukrainian lady myself, I will start with telling you my own opinion. I truly believe, that kissing in public is the question of a person’s cultural upbringing. And I am sure that showing your emotions like a passionate kiss, weeping or hysterics is not the best way to behave in public.

In my opinion, kissing in public is acceptable in the following situations:

  • When you greet or say good bye to your beloved;
  • When you have not seen a dear person for a long time;
  • When someone has given you a good present or told good news;
  • And when you have just got a proposal or proposed to your sweetheart.

In case you cannot help kissing your sweetie, you can find a secluded bench and kiss her or him there. I absolutely cannot stand couples kissing so passionately, as if they are going to start having sex in a second.

Olga. There is a joke in Ukraine “Why cannot you have sex at the central square? – Because you will get tired from people’s advice”

I agree with that. I think that people can kiss in public, still you are the one who decides whether you need it or not.  If you start kissing in public, you will at least attract everyone’s attention, and not everyone will be happy to see you.

As for me, I consider a passionate kiss to be an intimate thing and I prefer to kiss at home or in intimate setting. If my man quickly kisses me on the nose or lips in public, I will not resist.

Marina. I do not mind kissing in public, still if I see people kissing as though they are going to suck in each other’s faces, I cannot look at that.

Elena. I was going to say that kissing in public is OK, however I have just remembered one incident. I was going home from work in a bus packed with people. There was no room to take a breath; everyone was leaning against each other… I turned my head and right next to me, I saw a couple kissing. It looked as if they were licking each other from head to foot. That was really disgusting.

Still, I have to admit, that I can kiss in public and I think that it is quite natural, but you must always remember that you must not go beyond the bounds of decency.

Svetlana. I do not know whether kissing in public is decent or not, I just do not think it is necessary to do it in the street. Why should I catch everyone’s eyes, listen to comments and showing your intimate life to other people? Moreover, as far as I know, kissing is considered to be more intimate than sex in many countries. In some countries, it is illegal to kiss in public and people who do it will be punished.

As you can see, all the girls, who have answered our question, do not mind kissing in public. Still you must always remember that your tenderness must be reasonable, especially when other people can see it.