Kissing in public… to kiss or not to kiss: that is the question

I am sure that you have seen two people kissing in public. What was the first thing that came to your mind? Did you feel happy for those sweethearts or did you turn away from them thinking how a decent man and a woman could do such a thing in a place where everyone could see them. Or, maybe, you wanted to take your gun out and shoot them? What do you think about couples kissing in public?

As much as I am trying to say that public display of affection is good, to what extent it is acceptable? How much is really too much?

If you really want to indulge in public display of affection, follow the etiquette not to make people around uncomfortable. Passionate signs of affection are appropriate for night clubs, maybe at the airport after a long time not seeing each other. If we are talking about a park, it is better to show affection in holding hands as well as kissing in a restaurant won`t be acceptable. If you want to spend an intimate time with a partner, do it in the room where there are only two of you.

Imagine the situation when you came to the cinema, either by yourself or with a friend. You have been looking forward to watch a movie and finally you are here, ready to enjoy the action. In the beginning of the film, a cooing couple, who was late sat in front of you. They are in love, look at each other`s eyes every 5 minutes, she puts her head on his shoulder, strokes his hair every now and then. She gives him a peck on the cheek, he pecks her on the forehead, she gushes with pleasure. Instead of watching a film, you are observing a live scene just right in front of you. How are you going to feel? Happy for a sweet couple or irritated a bit? Most probably the second variant. Avoid causing discomfort, if you really want to enjoy a movie with your partner, it is better to stay at home, have a date night with a bottle of wine, snacks and a good relaxed atmosphere, where you can cuddle as passionately as you want.

Meaning of kisses in different places:

  1. Farewell lingering smooch. Usually you may notice it at the airports and train stations before people part for a long time. It lasts more than a minute and expresses tenderness and love.
  2. The air kiss. Usually to say hello or goodbye, carried out as verbal “mwuah”, can be sent everywhere.
  3. Forehead kiss. A show of respect and deep connection between two people, who managed to build emotional intimacy. Would be appropriate when you drop a woman to work, showing her to take care.
  4. A peck on the lips. There is no shame doing it in the park while admiring a pond with ducks.
  5. Lizard kiss. It is definitely what you have to leave for indoor affection when only two of you are together.

We have asked Ukrainian ladies to tell us what they think about it and cannot wait to share the results of our survey with you.

Being a Ukrainian lady myself, I will start with telling you my own opinion. I truly believe, that a kiss in public place is the question of a person’s cultural upbringing. And I am sure that showing your emotions is not the best way to behave in public.

In my opinion, it is acceptable in the following situations:

When you greet or say goodbye to your beloved;

When you have not seen a dear person for a long time;

When someone has told you overwhelming news;

And when you have just got a proposal or proposed to your sweetheart.

Olga: I consider it is to be an intimate thing and I prefer doing it in an intimate setting. If my man quickly pecks on the nose or lips in public, I will not mind though.

Elena: I was just about to say it is OK, however I have just remembered one incident. I was going home from work in a bus packed with people. There was no room to take a breath; everyone was leaning against each other… I turned my head and right next to me, I saw a couple kissing. It looked as if they were licking each other from head to foot. That was really uncomfortable and inappropriate. You must not go beyond the bounds of decency.

It is unlikely anyone tells you to knock it off and “get a room”, but it is better to avoid such awkward situations especially on the first date or at the beginning of dating not to make your girlfriend embarrassed.

Svetlana: I do not know whether it is decent or not, I just do not think it is necessary to do it in the street. Why should I catch everyone’s eyes, listen to comments and showing an intimate life to other people?

You must always remember that your tenderness must be reasonable, especially when other people can see it.