Kissing psychology. What does each kiss mean?

A loving kiss is quite an intimate thing in every person’s life. It helps to express emotions and even to understand how the relationships will develop.

Psychologists believe people who kiss a lot are very healthy as during the caress our organism produces endorphins – happiness hormones, the immunity grows, the number of breath ins and outs rises causing a more active arterial flow to the lungs. 38 muscles on your face work, which is a good substitution of gymnastics and a face massage helping to unwrinkle your face. While kissing your metabolism activates and you burn calories. Just a 20-second morning smooch will make your body produce adrenalin and create a positive mood for the whole day.

A kiss has its own International day, which is celebrated in July. It first appeared in Great Britain and is now observed in many cities around the world. The festive events include amusing competitions like “The most unusual smacker”, “The most sensitive osculation”, “The longest smooch”, etc.

So what do we know about this sensitive and intimate process? Psychologists say it has its own language, which can tell you about a person’s intentions, and after the first embrace, it’s possible to understand how your relationship will develop.

Believe it or not, but there are more than 100 different types of kisses each of which has a special meaning. In this article, I offer you to look at the most common ones together.

A buss on the hand is nowadays a bit old-fashioned, which makes it even more romantic. It used to be a formal gesture to greet a woman. However, now it could be a sign of attention, courtesy, or even affection, which is more than just love.

Kissing a wrist is sexual and revealing. Moreover, psychologists also think it might be a sign of the intention to bring the partner into subjection.

A peck on the forehead is a patronal one, like maternal or paternal, expressing care. It would be typical if one of the partners (usually a man) is much older than the other.

A gentle smack of the lips on the nose expressing tenderness and liking is given to a person you like or to your pet. It shows you trust your lover.

Kissing on the cheek is nowadays a routine way to say “hi” to your friend, relative, or other people you know well. In such a case, it has no deep intimate meaning. Still, if a person in love gives such a peck to his dear, it could mean the desire to become closer, the genesis of the relationship, when it is difficult to make the first big step towards it.

Touching the corner of the girl’s mouth with your lips signifies a try to proceed in a relationship and might help you know if you could expect more.

Kisses on the lips show both passion and desire. It is a way of saying “I like you”, “We have had a good time together”. Such a kind of embrace is typical of people who do not like saying a lot about their feelings.

Generally,a lip smooch is very intimate and could be shy, tender, tremulous, passionate, and even demanding and have different levels of passion. A too aggressive one means the lack of self-confidence and a wish to assert oneself. Biting the lips while kissing may signal the partner is jealous and will not give in. It depends on the temperament and intentions of the person. Most often, it means the partner wants a close relationship, ready for that and there is no escape.

A well-known “French” is the most famous of sexual kisses. It is a sign of maximum passion and physical attraction. It also matters whether you do it with your eyes open or closed. In the first case (eyes open), you are not confident and try to watch and check the reaction. In the second case (eyes closed) partners fully give in to the process and by closing their eyes they reinforce the senses and sensitivity.

A neck touch shows the desire to seduce. It is likely to be made by an experienced lover, who wants to excite a woman, knowing that her neck is one of the erogenous zones.

A kiss on the ear is an attempt to involve a woman into a love game and is seen as foreplay.

Eskimo kissing is used to show attachment, usually between family members or lovers. One of the partners presses their nose and upper lip to another one’s skin (forehead or cheeks) and breathes the air in pulling in their skin and hair.

Spanish kissing short pecks to greet or say goodbye to someone close.

A sudden, “illegal” smackeroo is the most romantic one and can be a sign of strong passion leading to the loss of self-control and are usually long remembered. While a cold soulless kiss means your beloved does not feel passion for you anymore or is just lying.


  1. Who has to make the first step?
  2. The one, who wants it more! If you are just at the beginning of your affair, it is OK that you both hesitate. There is no need to start with the “French”, you could begin with light lip-touch of the cheek and the corners of the mouth, which will let you move to the next level.

  3. How to understand it is the right moment?
  4. Wishing to kiss someone you could:

    • Hug them and look into their eyes;
    • Touch their shoulders or hair;
    • Give a peck on the cheek;
    • Sit closer and look at their lips;
    • Make a nice compliment.
    • Is the same happening to the person next to you? Then that’s the moment.

  5. What shouldn’t I do?
    • Be aggressive and persistent in case she/he doesn’t want embraces;
    • Practice all the kissing techniques simultaneously;
    • Be arrogant if you are experienced. It is not a lecture or a performance to teach or to judge.
    • Try to make everything perfect, like in the book or the film you watched. You’ve got your own story, so work on it yourself 😉

    Valeria Matskevich With Love