Good time of day, my dear reader. If you are looking through this article, you are probably the one, who has decided to immerse in the world of matchmaking in search of your destiny. Therefore, being a newcomer here, you might need some help with some “matchmaking” terms, which you are likely to come across. Not to let you sink in an unusual vocabulary, we offer a short list of the words and expressions that are most frequently used by matchmakers and the people in the “business”.

Matchmaking vocabulary

  • Matchmaking is the process of matching two people together, usually for the purpose of marriage. In our case, it is the process of finding the best suitable partner among Ukrainian ladies, who have addressed our agency and supervising the client throughout the process of building the relationship.
  • A matchmaking agency is a company, whose main task is to make a database of clients willing to find their better half and assist them in reaching their purpose.
  • A matchmaker is a person, usually the head of a matchmaking agency, whose main task is to supervise the process of matchmaking by communicating with clients and consulting them if necessary. A matchmaker usually has a team of professionals like psychologists, dating coaches, interpreters, etc. whose main task is to make the communication between a man-client and a woman-client easy, possible and effective.
  • A match is a lady, who matches the client’s requirements. In the process of search there can be more than one match. The number of matches, which the agency has to provide, is usually stated in the agreement signed by the client and the agency at the beginning of cooperation.
  • Date.
  1. A romantic meeting with a woman.
  2. A woman you are dating.  It is very important to distinguish between these two meanings of the word “date”, especially when you are going through the agreement.
  • Speed-dating is a kind of event organized by dating agencies to let men and women communicate with each other in person and possibly find a match themselves. Speed dating events are usually organized in a café. Women and men usually have up to ten minutes to communicate and then men change the tables. So everyone, who is present, have a chance to communicate with each other during the evening. In case someone wants to continue communication, they can do it after the event.
  • “Mail-order brides” is one of the online dating sites offering thousands of ladies’ profiles to choose from. Unfortunately, a lot of men, who decide to use this service get scammed and find out that a lady they have communicated with is not real. The photos they have seen are not hers, or they even communicated with a different person. Therefore, we offer to address a “real-life” matchmaking agency in search of your happiness.
  • A scammer is usually a woman, who is using a dating service with no intention of getting married and finding a love partner. Her main task is to get as much money out of a trustful man as possible. Scammers usually upload very beautiful and sexy photos of themselves (sometimes somebody else’s) and they will never agree to meet in person. They will continue the communication till the client pays money for it. As soon as the man starts asking for a meeting, a scammer vanishes, she “starts having various problems”, which do not let her communicate with the man.
  • Online dating is a service, which helps people get acquainted and look for a love partner in the Internet. It is very popular nowadays as one does not need to even go out of the house to organize a date. Still, we do not consider long-term online relationship effective.
  • Coaching is a process of helping the client with “love” issues provided by a matchmaking agency. During the coaching a client gets professional and effective advice on how to behave during the date, what the best way to communicate with a concrete woman is, how to talk to her, how to make a proposal, etc.

Of course, the matchmaking vocabulary consists of many more entries than these ten; however these ones are the most widely used and seen. And starting with them you are already on the way to success.