Good time of day to you, my dear reader. The topic we are going to discuss today has come to my mind after I remembered one story which had happened to me.

A couple of years ago I was trying to find myself a husband abroad. For that I used an international dating service. It was an interesting experience, I should admit. I received a lot of letters from foreign men, and I liked to write them back. Of course, I do not remember all of them, but one letter will always stay in my memory.  

It was a nice Sunday morning and I opened my mail to check for new letters from one man, with whom we were in serious “writing” relationship at that moment. So, I opened my mail and found a message from a Mr.B (of course I do not remember his name). The letter was very long and mostly consisted of phrases like “you fu***ing scammer. I hate you. You scammed me.” etc. Can you guess what it was like? I was looking for a nice note, but instead I found this horrible message. What did I do? I decided to ignore it, but it did ruin my day and my mood. I hadn’t done anything, but I felt myself the worst thing in the world.

Do you think the man who wrote that letter was right? Can a person’s behaviour be like that after being scammed? In my opinion it definitely can’t. of course, I understand that he was hurt and found nothing else to do, but write to every girl on the site that he hated them. But that is not the way out.

To tell you the truth, not every person knows what to do after being scammed. However, I want you to understand that you must not bury yourself . What you must do is rearrange your thoughts and take a reasonable view of the situation. Yes, you have been hurt, but life goes on and a lot of good moments are yet to come.

To help you continue life after being scammed try to use some of our advice. First of all do not write angry letters like the man from my story and wait for the scammer to repent. If you do that, you will never get a chance to free your mind from this situation. You will be devastating yourself from inside and feel worse because of painful thoughts that will occupy your mind all the time. Subconsciously you will be waiting for the scammer to apologize, but, of course, she won’t do this. What you should do in such a case is forgive your scammer. Yes, it will take time, but having forgiven your scammer you will feel free from that burden.

If you understand that you are being scammed, the best thing to do is to stop your relationship with the woman.  Do not lie to yourself and do not think of revenge, which will give you no pleasure. The only thing that revenge can give you is obsession. You will constantly be thinking of what to do and how to make your scammer’s life worse. In such a case you will not be better than she. Do you think you need this?  

Finally, forget about being scammed. Everyone knows that time heals. Of course it is difficult to forget the person you thought could become your wife, for example, but the best is yet to come and you must always remember that. Let the scammer stay in your past, beyond the limits of your memory. This is how you will manage to free yourself and be ready to start a new life.

Think positively. You have been scammed and broke up with the woman you loved so much! Still, that could be a present from your destiny. Now you are free and can let yourself any experiments. You are open to new acquaintances and impressions. Do not stop your search after being scammed. The pain will leave you and you will become zestful and free again. And, more important, you will surely find your ONE.