List of Romantic Ideas for Her

Are you a romantic person? If yes, that’s perfect, you know how to impress a woman, if not we are here to help with romance ideas. Being romantic helps to make relationship stronger, brighter and happier.

So easy to say, but is it really that easy? It takes some courage to think outside the box. The best ways to please your woman is to do something personal, she will appreciate how much effort you put into it. It shouldn`t be something usual, flowers, teddy bears or sweets. Though it also impresses a girl.

Here is a list of romantic things to do for your girlfriend.

  1. Invite your lady for dinner at your place. Sounds very ordinary? You are able to make it extra special, put your heart into it. Even though you are not the best cook in the world, surprise with decorating and serving a table. You may arrange a dinner table with rose petals, small candles, nice red wine and some light snacks to your taste. Set romantic atmosphere, close the curtains, turn on background music and meet your queen. Place heart-shaped chocolate sweets and tell how special she is! Any girl will be touched and enjoy an amazing evening with you, definitely a night to remember!
  2. If cooking is not your cup of tea, then turn it to something even more special and organize a date on the roof. What was the last time you have been on the top of a high building? Probably never. Why not to try something new together with your girlfriend? You won`t definitely get bored there, it`s something very adventurous. How to organize such an evening? No, you don`t need to climb up all high buildings in order to find a suitable place, there are plenty of agencies in big cities who can organize it and make the experience memorable. You will admire the city view with your girlfriend, having a glass of champagne or wine and chat in an unusual atmosphere. If you are afraid of heights, not a problem at all, there is another place. Do exactly the same but next to the river or lake, take a warm blanket, some fruits, wine, snacks and enjoy a calm evening in the nature.
  3. If your girlfriend likes extreme, this option is what you need! Have a ride on the helicopter or balloon, this is something she has never done before. Together you will experience a whole range of new emotions and at the height you can announce about your feelings and it can be a good idea for an unusual and emotional proposal.
  4. Surprise with a small gift, place a handmade card “You are wonderful”, “My gorgeous woman”, “You are my world” in a box of chocolate. Your lady will not suspect a romantic card inside a box of chocolate, but will be touched while opening it. Send flowers to a home address or place of work, it is so touching to receive flowers, this gesture is going to melt her heart.
  5. Pay attention to small things, maybe she told you a story a long time ago how she used to go with dad to lakes or bridges and spend time there talking about dreams, take her to one of those places and explain why you decided to do it. What can be more rewarding than repeating childhood memories? Maybe she mentioned about coffee from a particular place and a croissant because it reminds of a trip to Paris. Surprise your lady with a cup of that coffee on your next date and you will see the spark in the eyes. It`s a very romantic gesture.
  6. If you have been dating for a long time and know each other well, impress with a vacation to another city that she has never been to or even a country if it is possible. If your girl loves travelling, what might be better? Send a picture of your tickets and wait for reaction. It is the best gift ever. Just take into consideration the schedule at work if it allows it to happen.
  7. Organize a relaxing evening, make a massage after a long day, use some oil with a pleasant scent on the body, use dim light and let her mind rest. It must be a great gift to remember!

Romance is an important part of happy relationship, don`t wait for your partner`s birthday or anniversary!