Is Love at First Sight Real?

Does love at first sight exist? You might probably felt or heard about the love at first sight, what does it feel like? Reminds a strike of a thunderstorm. The moment in which the whole world doesn`t have so much significance in comparison with the person you have just met. In films it is usually portrayed as the most magical moment. In the famous movie “When in Rome”, feelings of love at first sight are brightly depicted. How do you know if it`s love at first sight? Everyone has a story from childhood or being an adult when you saw another person and had a wow effect, the hearts started to beat faster and you wanted to be in this condition forever. The effect of tequila shot, which goes slowly and then boom and it strikes you within few minutes, a passionate and strong complex mixture of feelings. What is that? Obsession, chemistry, infatuation? The initial seeds of strong feelings might start with chemistry, it is only the surface of the whole pie, deep feelings come in phases, it requires time and efforts. Kids can deeply describe these feelings, because they don`t have experience yet and they just say what they really see. My nephew is 6 years old, once he came home so full of excitement: “Aunty, I fell in love, I saw a girl today in the mall while walking with my mum, she is sooo beautiful, her eyes are soo blue and dress is like from fairytale, I even talked to her, she is so funny”. This is how kids explain love at first sight: physical beauty, comparing with some kind characters they come across in cartoons, fairytales and such features as being friendly to each other, funny and entertaining, common hobbies, which actually remain as priority in adult life too.

Why do we meet people who evoke so strong emotions and who are these special people? Have you ever noticed that you see a person and without even having a conversation you feel attracted to him/her? Everyone has their own perception of beauty based on a background. Sometimes we feel attracted because a person resembles someone from our family circle, one of the close friends, someone who brought a positive influence into our life. Unconsciously you are appealed to her. Is it love at the first sight? No, it is a connection, which eventually might grow into something bigger later. It has nothing to do with appearance, there are so many good-looking people walking down the street, so if everything depended on looks we would fall for someone one hundred times a day. But you could tell me a lot of stories from your life when something incredible happened with your heart when you saw that lady in the restaurant or in the street. What is it then? If you study the psychology of love at first sight, you would find the answers. For example, you met a girl at a party, the very second your eyes met, you thought to yourself: “She is the one. It is my destiny”. Why? Because she was so caring and kind, you touched the topics which people can discuss only after years of knowing each other, but with her it was so easy and cosy. If you think deeply, just at that period of time of your life you needed someone nurturing you, she satisfied your needs and desires. A puzzle which completed your life. She brought a balance and peace. Does it sound romantic and like from movies? Yes, it does. This is how our subconscious mind plays tricks with us. Some time later you may realize that it was not destiny, and she is not the one.

Some people believe in love at first sight, some have skeptical attitude to it. Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? You may think it is, but it can be tricky. It might be a strong attraction, which either can disappear after some time or stay forever and grow. Don`t focus on the initial impression, it might be tricky. Time and shared experiences will help you to see a real picture. We find it more romantic when something happens unexpectedly, waiting for a magic door to open and a beautiful princess to walk in and saves you from all your troubles. But to avoid from hurting and heart breaks, you have to be complete as a personality. Then you are not going to wait for a magic door to open, you are complete and you can share it with another person. One of my friends told me a story from his personal life, which ended not in a positive way and you will understand why. He had not a very bright period of his life at that moment when he met “Mrs.Right” as he thought. He had troubles with the best friend, a minor fight destroyed their “perfect” relationship, so he was devastated and didn`t believe in true friendship anymore. In addition they broke up with his girlfriend half a year ago, which was still a pain. So there was no support at all. He was very reserved, didn`t socialize too much with people and felt a bit depressed. So one evening, his colleague noticed such condition and invited to chill a bit at the bar. He was not into parties, he doesn`t drink much too, but he agreed, because he needed to wind up and take off his mind from routine and unhappy events. He had a couple of drinks with a colleague and was feeling a bit better when “She” entered. The whole world shattered, he was struck by her beauty. But it was not only about physical attraction, it was something much more, she smiled at him. It was something overwhelming, it seemed she knew her for ages, he couldn`t resist a temptation to know her. He decided to come and start a conversation. It was something incredible, they were on and on forever. She changed his life overnight, he has never felt something like that before. He could share all the problems, secrets and desires and she understood him completely. If there was a marriage palace around the corner, he would take a lady there and get married, so much connection in the air. She felt the same and was repeating that he is amazing, a man she was looking for. But the story didn`t have a happy end. Why? It sounded so romantic, but something went wrong. Misled by affection, they rushed the events, started to live together almost from the next day, they developed great physical intimacy, but in time the chemistry didn`t grow to something more serious, because in fact they had different goals, dreams and background. Chemistry between two people is amazing, but it should have a ground, where it can transform.

When we feel down and seems like all people are against us, we can meet a person who seems to meet all our expectations, but in reality when we have some problems we should fix it by ourselves, not looking for the substitution and someone who will fix us.