Tinder has become one of the most popular dating applications nowadays. Thousands of men and women around the world use it for different reasons: to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, widen the circle of friends and even find someone to spend a night with and then never to see. Moreover, you do not need to do anything more than swipe right the profiles you liked and start communication.

The question is: are there any special reasons which make people (in our case women) swipe right on Tinder?

How do they make their choice?

The first and foremost thing, which causes women swipe right on Tinder, is, of course, the photo of your profile. We do not deny that inner world is very important, but to show how beautiful it is, you have to attract women with your appearance. So, what kind of a profile picture will make a woman choose you?

  • A photo, in which your face is seen well and this face is smiling. What is more, you have to think of the position of your head in the photo: if it is a bit tilted, you are more likely to be swiped right.
  • Choose the most mysterious picture of you, with a kind of a smirk as the cover photo of your profile. It is not necessary to have a wide smile, your eyes could be smiling, and this will make a woman want to discover why and solve your mystery.
  • Women will definitely swipe right on Tinder if they see a dynamic photo of a man, who is doing something interesting like skating, skiing, travelling somewhere, etc.
  • Another photo, which will not leave you unattended, is the one with a bunch of flowers or the one, in which you are fondling a cute animal. Women melt, when they see such things.

No matter which of the above mentioned photo you will choose, the quality must be good and they must not be Photo-shopped.

If you have decided to make the woman choose you, remember which photos will never make her swipe right on Tinder. First, these are pictures with many people in them. Which one is you? Secondly, do not use selfies, especially the ones in the mirror. What kind of a serious man would make such a picture? Thirdly, the picture of your abs could be accepted, but only if you do have good ones and only if it is not a cover photo.

The second thing, which can either impress a woman and make her swipe right on Tinder, or forget about you, is your BIO. It has to be not too long and not too short. However, it must be informative and catchy. To make it look so, make sure you:

  • State the aims clearly. For example, “I am looking for my better half.” Or “I want to find a friend.” Or “I want to find a one-night stand.”
  • Remember about the sense of humor. Of course, it is not necessary to write jokes, but you must show that you can be fun. Use a silly question like “If you could choose, what breed of a dog you would like to be?” However, trying to sound funny, do not write something like “You look a lot like my future ex-wife.”
  • If you are good at something, do not forget to tell about your skill. Even if you have not so many talents and hobbies, but you can make a good pizza, for example, mention it and enhance your skill: “I make great Italian pizza.” The girl will think, “Wow, he can cook! Why not see what else there is about him.” And she will definitely swipe right.
  • Finally, if you want your BIO to make the girl swipe right on Tinder, do not use any emojis in writing your description. No matter what age a woman is, she wants to find a really strong, serious man, who is unlikely to use such infantile things in his profile.  

To tell you the truth, there is nothing more, that can make women swipe right on Tinder. So, if you are planning to succeed, make sure you have followed our advice. Good luck.