Major Things You Should Truly Know Before Dating Ukrainian Women

Dating in general is challenging , but dating someone from another culture requires even more attention and advice. Being aware of peculiarities of Ukrainian dating traditions is going to help you in building happy relationship and find a life partner.

If you read our article, you will find out some interesting information that will be useful dating women from Ukraine.

Major Things You Should Truly Know Before Dating Women from Ukraine:

  1. Women in Ukraine take care of their appearance, if you go on a date with her, you can definitely expect her to wear a dress and high-heeled shoes, she would come well-groomed with a make-up and a hairstyle. And it is not only on special occasions, they always look sharp! Even if it is a morning run, she is going to look awesome, she wouldn`t put any make up but she makes sure she wears a nice tracksuit and matching sneakers. So wear something that looks smart. You should be comfortable in your own skin. Do not put on something that everyone says is fashionable, but doesn`t make you feel good in it. If you reflect confidence in smart casual clothes, don`t hesitate about your outfit then! Sometimes males and females in a rush to impress someone too much, wear clothes that match neither their personality, nor occasion or mood. So she will pay attention to your looks too, it doesn`t play the most important role though, but still it matters.
  2. In Ukraine it is traditional for a man to open the door for a lady, give a hand when she gets off a bus, open the car door, help to put on and off a coat. It doesn`t mean you are boring, it shows your manners. Treat your lady with respect as well as everyone around you. Do not be rude to a waiter or a shop-assistant. She is not going to consider you as a potential partner if you behave arrogant with a taxi driver, waiter or any serving staff.
  3. Ladies do not pay on a date. If you want to show your romantic intentions, you should pay in a restaurant. It is acceptable to share the bill if you are friends or colleagues. Even male friends sometimes can pay for a cup of coffee as a gesture from a man`s side. It doesn’t mean that you will take all the financial responsibility when you start living together. She will participate in a family budget. Usually girls in Ukraine are successful in their careers and work hard. It is individual in every couple how you are going to divide your finances. I know international couples, where only man is a breadwinner and she is housewife. Also I know the ones where both partners equally work and pay for everything together. Both families are happy. But still even when you are married and have common budget, it is nice when a man pays in the restaurant and a shop. It shows that a man is a leader and a woman follows him.
  4. What do females want more than anything else in the world? Looking through modern magazines and watching modern films, one may think that it is sex. But it is not true. Any girl in the world wants to be loved and understood, respected, given attention and appreciation. She wants to know that she is the only one for her man.
  5. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should help about the house. Some females love when men express their love though actions, for example doing household chores together, which equals to saying «I love you» in front of the crowd. Make ordinary things fun and keep the spark by doing usual things. Most of the time people are busy with routine work at home, but if you do it together, it is going to add a spark into your relationship.
  6. Remember about sympathy and understanding. So, treat your girlfriend as if she is the most fragile vase in the world. It is not a secret that all women have a maternal instinct, therefore, men’s showing the same means a lot to them; moreover, females expect men to show them care and attention.
  7. Listen to your lady. It is very important to have someone to tell about their feelings and problems. Being able to listen to someone is sheer art and you must master it. Even if it is not so interesting for you, make and effort and listen to her. Then she is going to share with you everything, starting from everyday news at work to major things. You are going to be the first person, whom she will call and spill happy or sad news. If you mutually listen to each other and support, it is going to build emotional intimacy between you.
  8. For women love is not associated with sex. It is associated with attention. If you use a woman like an object of your sexual desires, she will not feel loved. Attention and the display of love is compliments, presents, care, help and respect. Your sexual intimacy will be deeper and more sensual if you build emotional connection first. Females are like that by nature. When they feel your care, they are going to be more passionate in sex and more open about their desires. When you establish mutual trust and communicate regularly, you benefit in intimacy.
  9. Ukrainians wives are TOO hospitable and friendly. Even if your friends come without an invitation, it is not going to be a problem. Do not be surprised if there is a spare cake somewhere on her stove, salads and other delights. She always keeps something in store and never runs of stuff in the house. One of my female acquaintance married a German guy, he is still surprised by all her qualities despite of being married for a long time. She is a successful business woman and amazing housewife in one person. She runs a small business, but still finds time to create comfort at home, his clothes are always ironed and clean, the variety of food she cooks always amazes him. He always asks her: “When do you find so much time to cook all of it or you have an assistant I am not aware of?” They often joke about it. Also he was impressed when he first visited her house to meet the parents. He didn’t expect to have such festivity. The food was literally flowing like it was someone`s wedding. But it is a usual thing in Ukraine.
  10. Finally, you must know that sex does not start in bed. In fact, it starts in the morning. However, it does not mean that the first thing you should do is jump into her bed or do anything like that. The first thing you need to give her is affection, understanding, care and compliments. Your relationship is like a fire, which must always be kept burning. So, not to let it go out, try to phone or text each other, leave love messages every now and then, say that you love each other. Let your relationship stay romantic all the time.

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