One of the most frequent requests on Google starting with «how» is «how to understand a woman?». Frankly speaking, there is nothing difficult. Still, if you read our article, you will find out some interesting information that will be useful dating Ukrainian women.

Major Things You Should Truly Know Before Dating Ukrainian Women

  1. The biology and genetics of women works differently from these of men. Women’s brain and logic differ from men’s, meaning that girls take the things differently from men. Therefore it is often difficult for you, my dear men, to understand why women’s mood is so changeable and you think that other men’s girlfriends or wives are not so moody as yours. My dear men, dating Ukrainian women, do not get angry if they cry sometimes. Just hug your dear and let her cry on your shoulder.
  2. What do women want more than anything else in the world? Looking through modern magazines and watching modern films, one may think that sex is what women long for. But it is not true. Any woman in the world wants to be loved and understood, respected, given attention and appreciation. Any woman wants to know that she is the only one for her man. Therefore, even if dating Ukrainian women you show respect, love and support you will be paid well in return.
  3. Another thing that you should keep in mind dating Ukrainian women, is that you must be interested in house chores: cooking, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, playing with the kids, etc. There is no division into women’s and men’s things to do about the house. It is very important for a woman that you, my dear men, are ready to help her, meaning that you show your love and respect. Helping your woman about the house equals to saying «I love you» in front of the crowd. Your heart and true love are really important for a woman, and these she sees in your help with any kind of work.
  4. Dating Ukrainian women, remember about sympathy and understanding. So, treat your girlfriend as if she is the most fragile vase in the world. It is not a secret that all women have a maternal instinct, therefore, men’s showing the same means a lot to them; moreover, women expect men to show them care and attention.
  5. Another thing that you should learn before dating Ukrainian women is being able to listen to your lady. It is very important for women to have someone to tell about their feelings and problems. Men are not always interested in their inner worries, but… If YOU do not listen to her, she will find another man who will and the end of such «narrator-listener» relationship will not be the one YOU will like. Being able to listen to someone is sheer art and you must master it. Even if it is not so interesting for you, make and effort and listen to your woman. In other case, she will cry and close herself in.
  6. Material things are not women’s priority. So, if dating Ukrainian women you ask anything like: «You have a flat, you have a car, money… What else do you need?» The answer will be: your personal attention and time. So, you must talk to your woman, communicate and spend as much time as possible with her.
  7. For women love is not associated with sex. It is associated with attention. If you use a woman like an object of your sexual desires, she will not feel loved. Attention and the display of love to a woman is compliments, presents, care, help and respect. That is why, when dating Ukrainian women you give them attention like this, it will be followed by sex, not before or instead of it.
  8. Finally, dating Ukrainian women, you must know that sex does not start in bed. In fact, it starts in the morning. However, it does not mean  that the first thing you should do is jump into her bed or do anything like that. The first thing you need to give her is affection, understanding, care and compliments. Your relationship is like a fire, which must always be kept burning. So, not to let it go out, try to phone or text each other, leave love messages every now and then, say that you love each other. Let your relationship stay romantic all the time. Good luck.