Marrying a Ukrainian woman: what to expect?

It’s getting popular among the foreigners to look for a wife in Ukraine. Which characteristics do attract them and make them cross the ocean to find a Ukrainian soul mate?

Let’s discuss who is she a typical Ukrainian woman?

It is a well-known fact that she is beautiful and feminine. Ukrainian women like to take care of their appearance, do manicure, treat themselves with some spa procedures. They like to wear nice dresses and high heels. But you should remember that appearance is nothing without a deep inner world.

Here are the reasons to marry a woman from Ukraine. They are usually very kind, tender and understanding. You can expect that she will support you. You may always count on her. She will share cheerful and sad moments in life with you. She knows how to combine joy and everyday routine, knows how to be a good housewife and a businesswoman. No matter what occupation she has, she would have many hobbies too. So don`t be surprised to meet an accountant who is into gardening, floristics or design. Besides a main job, being a lawyer or teacher, they can be part-time make-up artist or florist. They find time both for work and leisure activities. My friend`s mum is very multitasking, she is a university teacher, amazing housewife, a mum of three kids, also she finds time to spend with grandkids, and not forgetting as well about her hobby: swimming and belly dance. It is not just one example and it is not an exception from the rule.

A woman from Ukraine is a perfect material for marriage.

She will help you to find the right solution to any situation and give you valuable advice.

You can expect that your home will be cozy and clean. They are great hostesses. They love cooking and do it very well. You can expect to have delicious dinners when you come back home from work.

They are not only great hostesses but loving mothers as well. You can’t wish a better mother. Her unconditional love will be enough for the whole family.

Brides from Ukraine are very intelligent and smart.

Every girl seeks to attend the University and gets a master degree. It helps to integrate into a new country easily.

Ukrainian women are very hardworking, that’s why very often they occupy high posts and achieve the good results at work. I was talking about the ladies who prefer to build a career. There are many women, who dream to get married, build a happy family and have children since their childhood. By the way, ladies stay very close to the family and treat their parents with respect. They spend main holidays and festivities together, visiting each other occasionally. Many generations might live in the same house and help each other raising kids. A young lady takes much from her parents, the way of upbringing, manners and values. So if you want to know a lady`s background, come for dinner to her house.
They have a lot to offer you and of course they want to feel your care in return. They love attention. By attention I mean little surprises in a daily life. They love to be treated like real ladies. They expect you to open doors and help to take off a jacket at the restaurant. They need your help with heavy bags. They want to feel and see your love, respect and support. If you give your love you will get twice more.

This concept works in 99 percent. So don’t be afraid to open your heart and show your love. The more you give the more you receive.

If you are planning marriage with a girl from Ukraine, you must know some wedding traditions. It is always a big event in a girl`s life and especially in her parents`. The wedding process starts with engagement. Usually the groom comes to his parents` fiancée and asks for her hand. The bride before the wedding usually has a “hen party” and a groom “stag party”. The groom arrives early in the morning to see a bride for the first time in a wedding dress. There is a tradition, before he enters a house he needs to pay a “fee”. Usually maid of honor creates some tasks in order to let the groom enter the house if he solves puzzles. After he enters the house all the family has ceremonial meal with champagne, usually it is just snacks. Merry-making continues throughout the day. It is very beautiful and traditional event. So if you are looking for a Ukrainian girl for marriage, make sure you get acquainted with traditions before.