Matchmaker. Who? Why? Where?

All of us are dreaming to find Love and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to meet the right person to build a strong and happy relationship. Singles due to their busy, professional lives use Internet to find their significant ones. Are all the sources reliable though? There are many different apps, websites and marriage agencies. It depends on what your aim is. If you want some fun, you can use such apps as Tinder, Badoo. There are some successful stories too, but it is more for very patient people, who are optimistic and do not give up after the first fail. My male friend found a serious girlfriend after a year search. I may call it a very strong patience. Some men use dating agencies.

Do dating agencies really work? It depends on the quality and reputation of the agency. Their strategy works for one and doesn`t for another. If you are interested in communicating via letters for a year or more before seeing each other in person, you can try. But this approach may turn out to be frustrating. You may develop feelings to a person, who is not really the same as you imagined. Let me share with you a story of my acquaintance. He is from Spain and he addressed one of the dating agency here in Ukraine. He was lost already on the stage when he was scrolling down the list of beautiful girls` pictures. He had spent almost one day before he chose with whom he wanted to start communicating. He chose a hot brunette, who looked stunning and her smile made an impact on his choice. Their communication was perfect, they were exchanging letters every day and sharing lots in common. He told her almost everything about his occupation, hobbies and interests, she told about her life too. He had a good sense of humour and it was important for him to make her laugh. They seemed to create a great bond between each other. Every night before he was going to sleep, he imagined the way she laughed. He started to fall in love with her. So he decided to come and visit his potential wife. He planned his trip and it was a very exciting moment. He was building different scenarios of their first meeting. It went well, but he built too many expectations, so he fell in love with an image, but in real life she had a different character, she laughed not the way he imagined. They are happy together, but it took some time to adjust to a real picture.

Fortunately there is a brilliant solution nowadays. All you need to do is to contact a matchmaking agency and start the matchmaking process.

To make the story short there is a successful formula to find love:

Who? – Matchmaker.

Why? – The efficiency of matchmaking process is the highest.

Where? – Matchmaking agency.

Let`s go deeper and try to understand the real meaning of matchmaker occupation and that working field.

What does a matchmaker mean and why do we need it?

Professional matchmaker is a person who arranges the process of matching two people together, usually for the purpose of marriage. In other words, it is a cupid, a person who took the most ancient and noble profession. She is a highly experienced certificated mediator in love who guides you on the path towards happiness and love. She must have the following features like:

  • believe in true love;
  • amazing communication skills;
  • many years of experience;
  • good in psychology;
  • goal oriented;
  • be a romantic, have a good intuition and positive vibes.

Matchmaker is your coach as well, she will guide you and give you useful tips and tricks and support you during the whole matchmaking process. You are one team!

How do matchmaking services work once you made a decision?

First of all, you will need to fill in questionnaire and have an interview with matchmaker in the way you choose. During the interview matchmaker will clarify your demands and needs to be able to offer you the best possible matches. On this stage it`s very important to be honest with yourself. After you will receive short profiles of the ladies including photos and information about them. You will need to give a feedback to help better understand your preferences and taste. According to your answers she makes a decision if it`s in her power to find a woman of your dream that could be your perfect match. If the answer is positive, you will sign an agreement with an agency and choose a service package more suitable to your needs. After you made the payment, agency will send you extended profiles of the possible matches that were handpicked individually for you. It will be the profiles of ladies who really can be interested in you. The profiles include photos and commentaries provided by a psychologist. Please notice, every serious and respectable matchmaking agency must have a professional psychologist. Then you will go on dates with chosen ladies.

The last choice is always yours but we recommend you to listen to the advice of professional team with great experience in this field.

When choosing the matchmaking service pay particular attention to the reputation and experience of the company, if they are members of prestigious alliances, if they take part in any dating conferences or big professional forums.

Advantages of the professional matchmaking agency are always privacy, quality, efficiency and professionalism. Also read feedbacks and happy love stories of successful matches that they have created.

How do matchmakers work? You should check if the agency has the official certification provided by the Matchmaking Institute, which is located in New York city. It`s the only school for matchmaking in the US that is accredited by the state of New York, providing certifications to matchmakers from all over the world. is a premium boutique matchmaking agency in Ukraine licensed by the matchmaking Institute in New York. We are proud members of two international alliances and winners of several prestigious awards. We count our success in the number of happy couples. We are the first professional offline matchmaking agency in Ukraine, which represented and won international awards in London, New York, Amsterdam and Miami. We have put Ukraine on the map of high quality personal matchmaking services.

Is a matchmaker worth the money? It is an investment, which brings fruitful results. You are guided through the whole process, starting from the girls` selection to the moment you make your choice. A group of professionals will give you advice before the dates, teach you some tricks, tell you about traditions and culture of the lady, rules of courtesy, so you will be all armed before meeting a lady. After returning to your home country, you will continue communicating with girls and the agency helps you to bring a relationship to the next level. It is the most crucial moment, when couples have some misunderstandings. Professional coaching helps to overcome these difficulties.

Hope this information gave you an idea on how do matchmakers work and what is a matchmaker, and it will help you to make the right decision when choosing a matchmaking agency, to save time and find your LOVE, which leads to marriage.