It is 2020 so for sure you have tried online dating, numerous apps, you’ve been swiping left and right since the beginning of Tinder, your mom, sister, and your best friend’s wife have set you up on blind dates and they went wrong. You have tried to reach your friend’s friends and even strangers on Facebook or LinkedIn, but you are still single.

At this stage of your life, you are certain you are done with casual meetings and you crave something real and meaningful. You realize you keep running in circles – attracting and choosing the wrong people. Maybe they are gold for someone else, but you can’t seem to make yourself seat through another boring dinner or lunch.


People have been talking about elite matchmakers. The rumor has it they can introduce you to a classy, well-educated, intelligent, sophisticated, and family-oriented person – just like you want. Thus, the modern professional cupid conducts the search process including prescreening and preselecting candidates who match the qualities you crave and share your values and you just need to go out with them. Sound like a dream, doesn’t it? Technically you hire an upscale assistant who truly gets to know you and your needs and gets you dates with the ladies or gentlemen whom otherwise you would have never met.

So how to find a matchmaker? How to understand that he or she is a real professional and has the necessary experience? First, you should decide if you want to date locally in the city you live and work or perhaps you are ok with looking at the near areas as well? Have you ever thought about dating someone who speaks another language and represents a different culture? Why? What exactly attracts you to Slavic or Asian women? Why you choose local or international dating? Think about your true reasons?


Do you consider meeting local ladies only because you share the same values and were raised on the same pop culture? If the answer is “yes” then go for it. Do you choose to go overseas because you want a romantic adventure and find someone exotic and different? Then try international dating. Of course, not everyone will understand and approve your choice, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The popular question is the price of a personal matchmaker. Is it only for the rich? You definitely shouldn’t expect a high-quality efficient service for several hundred dollars. That’s a highly unlikely scenario. Quality matchmaking service is pricy because it is time-consuming, individual, and complicated. But is it possible to place a price tag on love? How much are you ready to pay to stop going on endless meaningless dates with strangers that leave you sad and empty? You just want to find a lady or a gentleman whose definition of affection, love, and care are similar to yours. You don’t want a long tedious tiresome search process. In this case, the fee of such a service is your investment in meeting your best half. If you count all the hours spent on terrible dates or useless chats online that after all led to no dates if you try to measure the amount of stress you went through then you will understand such a service is worth its money.


Obviously, matchmakers are not magicians. They can’t make you taller, slimmer, or younger. They can’t make a celebrity fall in love with you. But they can change your strategy and help you find love and save your time, reduce stress and give you a chance to concentrate on important things – getting to know a woman in front of you better.

Meeting the right person seems to be a complicated time-consuming task with lots of heartbreaks and disappointments. It shouldn’t be like this. It should be quite opposite. You should be introduced to genuine ladies or gentlemen who match your criteria, share your values, and just like you have serious intentions. All you have to do is be serious, honest, have realistic expectations and assistance of a real cupid who will work in your best interests.