Matchmaking agency

In the article, I am going to share with you why almost 12 years ago I have decided to start an international matchmaking agency. So often I receive this question – “why not to introduce singles locally? Even my colleagues from New-York or London keep wondering what has inspired me to come up with the concept?

As a professional matchmaker with more than a decade of experience I have learned that despite the cultural differences and often contrasting backgrounds when it comes to love pretty much, we are all the same. We want to meet someone special, a person who will really see and understand us. We crave true mutual feelings and affection.

When we dream about the future with a special partner by our side some people imagine a big family dinner with happy little kids (their kids) running around, while others – a night out dancing salsa or tango. Some men imagine how they teach their special lady playing golf and booking a table for two in the favorite restaurant, while others – spending romantic nights in camping by the lake ow maybe learning a new foreign language together.


We want to be happy and to be understood.

People who want to open borders of their search and start looking for a partner in other cultures are usually open-minded, well-traveled, adventurous, and romantic. One day I just realized we have so much in common with such singles. So, I thought why not help such ladies to meet such gentlemen?

Since I am a Ukrainian woman myself I have decided to start my dating agency in my home country. I love traveling and was lucky to explore more than 35 countries, but I enjoy tremendously to return home to my city Kharkov.

I speak several foreign languages and continue learning them. I have friends all around this planet who represent different cultures, religions, and traditions and I find it fascinating!

I am so excited to introduce singles who share my values and believe that true love knows no borders and stupid limitations like accents or a passport of another color.

I work with men and women who are looking for a serious exclusive relationship leading to marriage and strongly believe international couples just have more fun.