Every person hopes to find a life partner. Some people find their match in real life, others look for their love at online dating sites or in matchmaking agencies. Interestingly, at least every fourth relationship starts with an online contact these days. However, even some most innocent internet relationship may conceal danger. Nowadays both individual scammers and scam matchmaking agencies can spoil the life of a man eager to find his love outside his country.

Scam is a usual thing and scammers use various instruments to deceive you. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple preventative measures, which will help you stay alert and not to get scammed.

Matchmaking service in Ukraine

The number of international matchmaking agencies in Ukraine is constantly growing. Still not every matchmaking agency can be trusted. Consequently a lot of foreign men, who hope to find themselves a Ukrainian wife, get scammed. According to the statistics, every fifth user of matchmaking service in Ukraine, who addresses an unchecked matchmaking agency, becomes the victim of scammers.

A respected matchmaking agency is aimed at a big number of weddings to make the general image of the company and they do whatever is possible to help their clients; still disreputable organizations are not interested in quick and successful deals as they are not as beneficial as regular customers.

To keep such clients interested scam agencies have a well-established pattern. Usually, the first stage of the cooperation with a «fake» matchmaking agency is a client’s using its chat to find a girl that he likes and start communicating with her. To communicate in such a chat our scammers hire «professional brides», who know how to hold a potential husband online as long as it is possible because this is when he pays money for every minute of using the chat. Unbelievably, but there are even men, who work as online brides!

When the time for a real date comes, a client may be surprised to see a woman, who is 10 years older than the one he saw in the photo. However, it is even more dangerous when the client goes on a date with a «super model», who he has been writing to. Why? That is because she turns out to be a very nice person, but she has so many problems, especially financial, that nobody can help her with. Being real gentlemen, foreign men are eager to help and they often give money to save the girl’s mother, who needs urgent surgery, pay for the English courses, which the girl wants to go to in order to communicate without an interpreter, whose service, by the way, is also paid for by the man. Oh, and how could I forget about presents and flowers? Poor men… Such an affair can last for quite a long time and cost a lot of money, and then… SHE tells you that you have to break up because you are not meant to be together, or you are too jealous and do not trust her (even if it is not so), makes up every reason not to see you anymore, or just disappears… And… what happens next? You start searching for another perfect match for you since you already do not imagine your life without the agency’s help. That is exactly what dishonest representatives of matchmaking service in Ukraine do.

So, what should you do not to be scammed, if you decide to use matchmaking service in Ukraine?

  1. Pay attention to detail and use your intuition. Look for the site of the agency you are interested in, read the feedbacks, check the acknowledgements. A respectable agency will definitely have certificates, an office, where you can come, a psychologist, who will consult you, etc.
  2. Of course, there are a great number of matchmaking agencies in the market of matchmaking service in Ukraine, so do not get hold of the only one. Address several and pay attention to the details described in the previous point.
  3. The last but not least, when you decide on which matchmaking agency’s services you want to use, make sure that you understand clearly what you will pay your money for, what your and the agency’s rights and responsibilities are.

So, if you are careful enough and follow at least these 3 rules, you will never get lost in the world of matchmaking service in Ukraine and will only enjoy your fruitful cooperation with the best Ukrainian matchmaker.  Good luck!