We have already discussed the questions about meeting your ONE online with the help of different sites and applications and came to a conclusion that trying to find yourself a life partner in such a way can be quite risky. Still, if you are brave enough we can share some good advice on how to meet ladies on Facebook.

Why have we chosen this site? The answer is quite simple: being an international social network, Facebook can be a good medium to find someone special from your own or another country. Still, being a lady myself, I can tell you that it is not quite easy to get my attention. That is why, if you do want to succeed and meet ladies on Facebook, you must at least look through our tips.

The first thing which is really important is… right, your profile. What does anyone you send a friend request look at? Your photo. That is why you have to make sure that it is up-to-date. Do not start your search for girls until you have only old photos in your profile. It is also good to delete all the pictures where you do not like yourself. And, for goodness sake, do not think of leaving the ones in which you are drunk or there are lots of other girls with you.  There can be a couple or two pictures with other girls, but you must not be hugging, kissing or doing something which may seem indecent.  

When the girl has looked through your photos, she will definitely want to see more information about you. Therefore make sure that your character profile is brief but informative. From it, the girl must understand that you are friendly, sociable and self-confident. For example, at the end of the description you could write something like “If you want to learn more about me, send me a personal question”.

Finally, your profile must let the girl learn something interesting about you. If you like some music band, post the link to its songs on your page, if you like travelling, post the photos from different interesting places. Show that you have life beyond Facebook.

However, a good profile does not guarantee that you will meet ladies on Facebook without any effort. Therefore, when you are ready, you have to start your search and when you find the girl you like, you will have to spend some time getting to know her before making the first step. Why? As we have already discussed in other articles, if you want to get a girl’s attention, you must be able to surprise her, be self-confident and know what to talk about with her. That is why, looking through the girl’s profile is very important, since it will let you see which hobbies she has and what she likes.

When you already know something about the girl, try to add her as a friend. You could write something like: “Hey, I want to ask you if you know my friend Adam. It seems I have seen you at one of his parties” or “Hey, I did not expect to find your profile here. How are you?” Having received such a message from you any girl would answer you back either to tell that she does not know you and then you can offer her to get acquainted, or, if you are lucky, and she has a friend Adam, you could start with a short talk about him and gradually get to your own “business”. But be careful and if a girl will not answer or write that she does not want to communicate with you, do not press on her. This will not do you any good.

Finally, the idea to meet ladies on Facebook definitely has some extension. I mean that being a real person you will surely want to hug a real woman, not only put likes under her photos or send her smiley faces in the messages. That is why, when you have communicated for some time, you could try to ask for her phone number and if she agrees, you will have a chance to meet in real life.  And this is when you must do whatever it takes to win the girl’s heart, if you do like her so much and feel that she is the ONE. Good luck!