Today I want to talk with you about one of the most popular questions among our male clients. Why do I need the help of a matchmaker if I can meet my future girlfriend on Facebook? We will give you some reasons that will convince you.

First. We can say exactly that no one really will check the girl’s photos on Facebook. They can be old, not real, Photoshoped. She can be a blonde with short hair with a tattoo on the neck, while you are writing to a brunette with the long hear.

We are not even talking now about extra weight, piercings in her nose and other things.

At the same time we can guarantee that matchmaker will know your taste. And all the girls’ photos will be real and true. Maybe she has a tattoo, but you will know it in the beginning.

Second. The girl on Facebook can be married. It is not forbidden with the rules of this site. Maybe she is cooking the dinner for her husband while chatting with you.

We have some uncompromising rules. Our girls are single. It is one of those rules. You will know all the truth about the past life of your future mate.

The next one. It can disappoint you the most. You can be scammed.  Everything can be not real. Her age, her life, her problems, the illness of her mother, her education, her attitude to you. The saddest thing is that she can appreciate you only for your money. is a boutique matchmaking agency. We are a member of the famous international organizations. Our reputation is really important for us. That’s why we are afraid of scam too. In our everyday work we always check all our clients with different ways.

The next thing. You can spend a lot of time to find the right lady on Facebook. Endless letters and presents won’t give you a family.

Matchmaker exactly knows how you appreciate your time, so you will not spend it for nothing. Matchmaker will do everything for the most effectively searching of the second half for you. You can meet your potential mate in several weeks.

And the last. You can get a refusal. And you can get it in a rude form. And even her husband can read your messages. You must respect yourself. You don’t need these disappointments from strangers on Facebook.

With a help of matchmaker you will have dates only with girls who are interested in serious relationships. Of course there is no guarantee that she will marry you tomorrow. But she will be single, real, of your type and she will be interested in relationships. Everything else will depend on you.

With love, Katerina Romanenko