Meeting the parents of your future wife is a very important step. Therefore you must be well-prepared not to spoil the first impression and we are ready to give you a couple of tips to follow.

Matchmaking advice:

  1. Meeting the parents of your future Ukrainian wife you must look good. Of course, it may sound banal, still this tip has the right to be on this list. It is known that the first impression does matter, it is strong, long-lasting and hard to change. So, going on a meeting with your girl’s parents, you must avoid wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Be neat, not too official, iron your clothes. And, of course, do not forget to shave.
  2. Meeting the parents of your future Ukrainian wife you must be ready to tell the story of how you met. Tell it to yourself beforehand, somebody will definitely want to know your version. Of course, if you met in a bar, drank some beers, etc. the story must be different and you have to discuss all the details with the girl, who, could have even told her «decent» version of how you met. It will not be good if your stories are different.
  3. Meeting the parents of your future Ukrainian wife is similar to a very important job interview. So, before going to meet your girl’s parents learn as much as possible about them, as if you are learning the information about the company you want to work for. Ask about the marital status of her parents, is it their second marriage, are you going to meet HER step-father or father, what other relatives will be there, whether the girl has grandparents or not, what they like, what their names are. Yes, this is what you must know. Nobody said it would be easy.
  4. Meeting the parents of your future Ukrainian wife aim at her mother and make her love you. In most average Ukrainian families mother is the one, who decides something. Her words «My dear, have you seen that look on his face? Are you sure he is the one you need?» can make your beloved think about the questions asked. However, if you get on well with  the girl’s mother, you are likely to escape the girl’s anger. Moreover, her mom will always «remind» her how good you are, saying «Look, what a good man you have managed to find! Do not lose him.» That is why, a little bit of flattering ( but do not overdo with it), good manners combined with helping about the house and cleaning up the table after dinner will help you win mother’s trust.
  5. Meeting the parents of your future Ukrainian wife try to make her father your second father. It is more difficult than find the way with her mom. To get on well with the girl’s father you must learn about his interests, work and anything that will help you communicate with him and find common language. If everything goes well, you will spend several hours talking about hunting, fishing and hiking. But please, do not lie to him.
  6. Meeting the parents of your future Ukrainian wife prepare the topics for the discussion beforehand. There is nothing worse than awkward silence during the first minutes of acquaintance. That is why you must have some topics for discussion in store. It is always good to ask about the family life, but do not overdo with the number of questions. You must also be ready to hear some personal questions about your job, family, social status, and interests. Here is the list of standard topics: job, sport, family, films, current events, pets. Try to avoid the topics of  politics, religion, money and do not try to joke until you understand whether the people have a good sense of humor or not.
  7. Meeting the parents of your future Ukrainian wife do not forget to bring a present. It is the best idea to bring a bottle of wine to every celebration having learnt the people’s tastes. Flowers, beautiful boxes of sweets will also do, especially completed with a card.
  8.  Meeting the parents of your future Ukrainian wife remember to be a gentleman. Look after the girl and her mom at the table, make sure they do not lack wine or food, help to clean the table and even wash the dishes. Let the parents understand that you are sincerely interested in their daughter and have serious intentions towards her.

Good luck!