When you meet a woman you like, you start thinking of establishing relationship with her. What you usually do is try to make her like you. However, not always your relationship lasts long or even has a chance to develop. Why does it happen? Let us look at the most widespread mistakes men make when they start new relationship so that you have a chance to avoid them and win the girl’s attention.  

Mistake in relationship #1. Being Mr. Right. Dear men, believe me, if you are too “right”, the girl will not like you as much as you expect. That is because she will feel stressed trying not to do something wrong. My advice to you is to be natural and not to try to show your rightness all the time.

Mistake in relationship #2. Begging for love. If your relationship with a woman do not go further than friendship, do not try to persuade her that you are the one she needs. Do not try to impose loving relationship as it will make you look pathetic and the woman you like so much will never be yours. Every woman knows exactly what kind of a man she needs, and if you are the one, she will never hide her feelings and let you know about it.

Mistake in relationship #3. Being a girl’s pleaser. Some people say that being in love equals to being crazy. That is why men, who are in love make insane things to please women they love. It is understandable that you want her to see what you feel, but you must not overdo with your efforts. Women do not like men who become their “doormats”, which will serve for cleaning their shoes. Therefore, let the woman know what you feel and so some pleasant things for you, however do not try to please her every minute wish. You do not want her to think you are Mr. Softy, do you?  

Mistake in relationship #4. Trying to buy her love. I will not write a lot about why it is ineffective to try to buy a woman’s love. Just believe me, if she does not like you, you can buy her attention (nowadays it is very popular with some girls), however she will never fall in love with you and when she meets the man she will fall in love with, even your money will not make her stay beside you.

Mistake in relationship #5. Rushing things. Every attractive woman has to deal with a number of men, trying to attract her attention by any means. That is why, if you become one of them, you will not have a chance to win anything but her boredom. It is always better not to rush things and if you are patient and unobtrusive, the woman will be thankful and interested in you, since you are not like the rest of men, you are different.

Mistake in relationship #6. Giving up. If you did not manage to make the girl like you from the first attempt, do not give up. Women like self-confident men who know exactly what they want and go for it. If she does not like your appearance, try to win her heart by reciting poems, dancing or showing how rich your inner world is. Believe me, she will definitely get interested in such a multisided person.

Mistake in relationship #7. Being insecure. As I have already written, women prefer self-confident men. So if you want to reach success, do not hesitate, make decisions and take responsibility. Do not ask the woman to approve every step you make. In such a case your chances to win a woman’s heart and respect are higher.  

Mistake in relationship #8. Being afraid to show your weakness. What do I mean by this? I know that men are taught not to show their emotions. That is why they often seem to be as cool as a cucumber. While women prefer to see alive person beside them. The person who has feelings and emotions. Dear men, do not try to persuade women that you are Terminators. Be natural and share your ups and downs, happiness and grief, show your emotions, be open and sincere. Any woman will appreciate it.

If you try not to make these mistakes, you are very likely to develop relationship with the woman you like.