The biggest mistakes men make when starting a new relationship

If you are not aware how the girl`s world navigate, you will encounter problems trying to find out how to build a relationship with a girl. What you usually do is trying to make her like you. However, not always it gives the positive result. Why does it happen? Let us look at the most common mistakes men make in a relationship so that you have a chance to avoid them and win the girl’s attention.

Making mistakes in relationships is absolutely natural, no one is ideal, but knowing how to fix a mistake in a relationship will make it stronger.

  1. Feminine energy is all about emotions. While you, masculine types, navigate by logic and common sense, girls tend to be more sensitive and are more likely to express the full range of emotions: excitement, fun, grief or sadness. So you shouldn`t be surprised, it is female`s nature. Maybe for you some question is “black and white” and you persist on receiving the answer from her, because it is clear for you. Don`t be pushy, she needs time to think. One of our clients asked a girl on the second date: “Will you move to the USA with me?” For him it is more than clear, if a girl came to the agency she automatically wants to move as soon as possible. While she couldn`t give “Yes” or “No” answer, because in order to make such an important decision, she needs a lot more time, she wants to know him better and build trust. As you can see the perception is different.
  2. Being Mr. (too) Right. Believe me, if you are too “right”, the girl will not like you as much as you expect. That is because she will feel stressed trying not to do something wrong. My advice to you is to be natural and not to try to show your rightness all the time.
  3. Begging for love. If it doesn`t go any further than friendship, do not try to persuade her that you are the one she needs. Do not try to impose love as it looks pathetic and she will never be yours. She knows exactly what kind of man she needs, and if you are the one, she will never hide feelings and let you know about it.
  4. Masculine energy requires achieving goals, but it might lead to your “absence” in relationship. While you are busy 24/7 at work, trying to earn all the money in the world, lack of attention is not a contributing factor at all. If you are not willing to put efforts to balance your career and personal life, it is unfair for your partner. Even if you get all the promotions you dreamt about, at the end of the day who is going to be there to celebrate your victories?
  5. Being insecure. As I have already written, ladies prefer self-confident men. So if you want to reach success, do not hesitate and take responsibility. Do not ask to approve every single step. In such a case your chances to win a lady’s heart and respect are higher.
  6. Being afraid to show your weakness. What do I mean by this? I know that men are taught not to show their emotions. That is why they often seem to be as cool as ice-cream. While women prefer to see alive person beside them. The person who has feelings and emotions. Do not try to persuade that you are Terminators. Be natural and share your ups and downs, happiness and grief, show your emotions, be open and sincere.
  7. Rushing things. You have just started dating and you are already 100% sure she is the one. Your relationship is mostly physical. Having sex too early makes you feel connected to the person sooner. You are obsessive about her whereabouts, calling 10 times per day to ask how she is, not giving personal space. You fantasize about moving together, having children and choose a place for your next vacation, even though she has seen you only twice.
  8. You fail in listening. You talk more than you listen. And even if you do, you forget half of the things she has told you one hundred times, so you repeat questions over and over again. It shows lack of interest. Women are verbally more expressive, it seems like they talk a lot, it is just because of their natural need.
  9. Letting everything runs its own flow. It doesn`t work like that and definitely is going to bring a successful result. You shouldn`t put romance on the back seat, it is essential to keep the spark between you.
  10. Being too jealous. She doesn’t give you any reasons, but you still doubt, trying to check phone or personal device in search for possible evidence.

The worst things to do in a relationship:

  • Lying is the most destroying thing ever. It can break the trust.
  • Belittling and not appreciating a partner`s achievements.
  • Calling bad names.
  • Betraying.
  • Physical and moral abuse.

The most important thing is owning up your mistakes in a relationship. It is a way to grow.

You must have heard that being a man in relationship is vital. But how to be the man in a relationship?

  1. Let your lady be girly with you, a bit weaker than you. Give compliments, make her feel special. She will blossom and reward with a constant smile and positive mood.
  2. Be always respectful. No matter which circumstances, either you are among friends or just two of you.
  3. Control your anger. Be emotionally stronger.