Mistakes foreign men make when they date ukrainian women

The world has changed in a recent decade, especially due to the development of digital technologies, and it is nowadays quite commonplace that people from different countries get to know each other and start dating. A lot of men from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe have traveled to Ukraine and got acquainted with attractive women from our country. What is special about Ukrainian women dating? What are common dating mistakes and how are you able to avoid or fix them? Let us figure it out.

One of our potential clients in his early fifties, let’s call him Jim, was eager to get acquainted with a beautiful Slavic girl twenty years younger. To tell the truth, he was a well-established and intelligent man, however, he didn’t look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt and didn’t have a private jet or twenty million US dollars on his account.

To be honest, the age difference is likely to be a problem later. It keeps the relationship from being equitable. Besides, some social difficulties will never go away — people will always assume that the older partner is her father or sugar daddy.

Perhaps, Jim believed that his age, advanced financial status, and experience meant he would always have the upper hand. We might hazard a guess that part of what he enjoyed was the lack of life experience of his potential girlfriend. Furthermore, Jim had two sons and didn’t plan to have more children. He was looking for a woman in her early thirties or even late twenties without children. He was inspired by Donald Trump, so he dreamt of finding his own Melania.

Nevertheless, all the women he met online on different websites that he was trying before contacted us weren’t interested in marriage or even in dating, they preferred to write long letters and get expensive presents. When Jim came to our office asking “What am I doing wrong in dating?” the professional matchmaker gave him a piece of advice to choose a charming lady of his league and explained that women in their forties could be good and supportive wives. Fortunately, this story ended well, because Jim was a wise man, who was able to reconsider his position and choose the path of dialogue.

Another client, let’s call him Jasper, was pretty handsome and ran a successful business. He didn’t have any self-esteem issues, probably, he thought all the girls he was interested in should do the love-at-first-sight while he didn’t have to make any efforts to seduce them.

It goes without saying: in Ukraine women have got used to getting flowers on the first date; it doesn’t seem old-fashioned. We always recommend that our clients should bring a lovely bouquet of flowers. However, Jasper refused to do it. While his dates brought him small gifts, souvenirs and sweets, he gave them… nothing.

Moreover, he would prefer to meet girls at the restaurant of the hotel where he was staying. Could you imagine that weird moment when he had just finished his lunch with one beautiful woman and she had a close-quarters run-in with another one? Luckily, we were the ones who convinced him not to do that.

Thinking about what you do not have to do when dating? The first impression is important. You rarely get a second chance, so make sure you feel at your best. Treat each first date like a special occasion; you could be meeting your future life partner, after all.

Talking about yourself constantly is a big no-no. When you’re anxious it can be easy to fall into that trap and forget to ask a lady anything. Remember that she wants to tell you about herself too. Think about interesting questions and aim for equal airtime during your meeting.

Do not forget about your manners. Hold doors open, say please, and thank you. Be friendly and polite. Your date will often judge you more on your treatment of others.

Most people indulge in a little Dutch courage on a first date but try not to let yourself get too drunk. Alcohol can loosen your tongue and make you say things you didn’t plan to share.

There are certain topics of conversation, in particular, politics and religion, that just don’t work well. Avoid discussing anything too serious or confrontational. While it’s good to find out whether you have shared values, certain topics can be uncomfortably inflammatory.

Research shows that most men and women still expect a man to pick up the bill on a first date. If you are choosing the date venue, suggest a location where you’re happy to pay for both people.

It is natural to feel nervous about meeting a stranger, especially if we think that stranger could end up becoming a significant part of our lives. Happily, we are here to help.