Men usually spend at least a week before St. Valentine’s Day in search of the best present for their ladies. Our article will help you spend less time on it and find a good idea of how to please your beloved.

We want to start with telling you that there are different girls in the world, however you will hardly find one, who does not like presents. Therefore, leaving your girlfriend without a present on Valentine’s Day is like a death sbest entence to your relationship. You must take choosing a gift from you seriously, since if your lady does not appreciate the present, you will have to “suffer” from her bad mood waiting for another chance to surprise her.

It is believed that gold or silver jewelry is the best Valentine’s Day gift for a woman. Of course, every girl dreams of receiving a gold ring on that day, but remember, that such a present can be seen not only as a simple gift, but as a proposal. So, if you are not planning to get married soon, it is better to give your woman a heart-shaped pendant, ear rings or a bracelet.

If your better half spends a lot of time in front of a computer, giving her a USB flash-drive decorated with rhinestones is also a good idea. Manufacturers do their best to please computer-lovers with sophisticatedly decorated computer mice, headphones decorated with rhinestones or fur, or girlish pink MP3 players. A new phone, camera, digital photo frame or E-book will also be a good gift for Valentine’s Day.

Do you want to surprise your woman with an unusual gift? Then invent it yourself. Nowadays it is possible to make something very romantic like a bed linen with your happy face on it, an umbrella decorated with some memorable pictures of you and her, or your company portrait on a canvass. Getting such a present for Valentine’s Day your beloved will immediately understand that you want to be beside all the time.

Another way to surprise your girl is to give her something she does not expect to get from you. This could be a SPA-salon or massage certificate, a photo-shoot for two or a weekend trip to some romantic place. It goes without saying, that the certificate itself has to be decorated in a special way, for example as a scroll decorated with fancy hearts.

Valentine’s Day presents made literally by yourself will also amaze your better half. She will definitely appreciate the fact that her man has spent time and put his heart into a small trinket to please her.

It is very easy to make an unusual declaration of love. All you need is a piece of a red string, write the very words on it, put the string into a beautiful bottle, cork it and give your beloved on Valentine’s Day. Another idea is to present your girl the “key to your heart”, which can be put in a heart-shaped photo frame, giving which, you will tell your dear the necessary love words.

Finally, one of Valentine’s Day best-sellers is chocolate. If your woman likes sweets and is not used to counting calories eating another sweet delight, you can think of treating her with a chocolate figure like a heart. Nowadays it is also possible to order an unusual set of chocolates and candies, which will be designed as a bouquet of flowers, a “fruit” basket or a multi-layer cake.

It is also a usual practice to make cakes with love declarations, your pictures or 3-D figures on them. The most important detail is to make your lady understand that this cake is made exactly for her. Your better half will be extremely pleased to receive something that you have done with your own hands. And even a small brownie or heart-shaped omelet will be seen as long-awaited words of love.

As you can see, there are many gifts, which you can give your woman for Valentine’s Day. However, there is something, which you must never think of giving to her on that special day –romance money. By giving money or asking your woman to choose, what she wants to get as a present (even if she usually likes to tell you what she wants) will make her think you do not care much about her and destroy all the magical “I love you” atmosphere of St. Valentine’s Day.