Ukrainian beauty: “the most beautiful Ukrainian woman” top 10 list.

What image do you see when you think about a Ukrainian girl? A blue-eyed long-haired blonde with long legs, thin waist and curvy shapes? No matter what picture has appeared in your imagination, it is undoubtedly an image of a very attractive woman. You are right, my friend. Nature has given Ukrainian girls the right to be “filthy” attractive and gorgeous, which is why we are known around the world as one of the most good-looking nations.

To tell the truth, going along the streets of any city in Ukraine, you will notice that not all Ukrainian ladies have blonde hair, still it does not lower their attractiveness. To prove my words, I have chosen 10 most famous and stunning women of Ukraine. Looking at these gorgeous ladies, you will have a clear image of what Ukrainian beauty is like.

10. Olga Sumskaya(22 August, 1966. Lviv, Ukraine), an actress, TV presenter, People’s Artist of Ukraine, winner of the Taras Shevchenko award (1996). Olga starred in films such as “Roksolana”, “Cinderella”, “Star vacation”, etc.


9. Another name worth mentioning is Nadezhda Granovskaya (real name Nadezhda Meyher; born 10 April, 1982 in Khmelnitsk region, USSR) a famous singer, the former participant of a pop-group “VIA Gra”. She became one of the first sex-symbols in the beginning of 2000s.


8. Vera Briezhneva (real name Vera Kiperman, born 3 February, 1982, Dneprodzerzhynsk, Dnepropetrivsk region). Vera became notorious as a member of the famous Ukrainian band “VIA Gra” in 2003. She stayed a part of the trio till 2007 and then started her solo career. At present, we know her as an actress, TV presenter and a solo singer.


7. Nataliia Mogylevskaia (2 August, 1975, Kyiv, USSR) A singer, song writer, composer, producer and TV presenter. People’s Artist of Ukraine (2004) and the most beautiful woman of Ukraine 2006 by “VIVA!” magazine.


6. Despite being a French actress and model, Olga Kurilenko (14 November, Bierdiansk) is a Ukrainian notorious for playing the main heroes’ girlfriends in films “Hitman”, “Max Payne” and even one of James Bond’s girls in “Quantum of Solace”.


5. Ani Lorak (real name Karolina Kuiek; born 27 September, Chernihiv region,) — a popular singer, Merited Artist, People’s artist of Ukraine. She was ranked second in Eurovision Song Contest with her song Shady Lady in 2008. Apart from being beautiful, Ani is diligent and industrious.Therefore, she has a lot of prizes, honors and trophies: «Golden Gramophone Award», «The singer of the Year», «Gold Barrel Organ», «The Person of the Year», five golden and two platinum disks!.


4. Slava Kaminskaya (16 July, 1984, Odessa, USSR) a popular singer, a member of a pop-group «No Angels», a designer and instablogger. Slava is unique because of her deep voice called color contralto. Slava started her way to success in Kyiv national University of Culture and Arts and became a vocal teacher. Then she took part in a number of TV shows and went on to become a member of one of the hottest girls’ bands in Ukraine called «No Angels».


3. Tina Karol (real name Tatiana Liberman; born 25 January, 1985) an actress and a singer, the soloist of Ukrainian Armed Forces Song and Dance Ensemble, Merited Artist of Ukraine (2009).


2. Anastasiya Kamenskih (4 May, 1987; Kyiv, Ukraine). Known as NK, Anastasiya is a pop and R`n`B singer, actress, TV presenter, one of the judges in a Ukrainian version of «X-Factor», «The Voice 10», the author of NK blog and the founder of a sports clothes brand Nksport..


1. The first place is deservedly taken by Daria (Dasha) Astafieva (4 August 1985, Ordzhonikidze, USSR) — a model, singer, TV presenter, actress and a member of a Ukrainian pop-group NikitA. Daria became famous having won the title “Playmate of the Month” in the 55th Anniversary Playmate Playboy Magazine.
Being a girl from a small provincial town Dasha has made an impressive career in three years starting with a «Star Factory» show participant, after which she became an M1 TV presenter, appeared on the cover of a Ukrainian Playboy issue, released an album as a vocalist of pop-group NikitA and attracted Hugh Hefner`s (Playboy magazine founder and chief-editor) attention.