You and your international girlfriend already have had that lovely period of the relationship where two of you were crazy about each other and couldn’t even spend a day without sending that kind of messages as “good morning sweety” or “XOXO”. You already spent few vacations together where both of you realized  one more time that you are just made for each other. It`s getting more serious and you just know that this woman supposed to be your future wife and you want to wake up next to her every single day. This is exactly the time to make a serious decision and ask her to move in together. It`s a very responsible step for every man but it`s even double responsible when your girlfriend is from another country. Moving abroad isn’t the easiest thing for anyone. It is one more challenge for both of you. You should expect it when you had just agreed for a long-distance relationship. Moving abroad is what she should expect from a boyfriend from another country. Let’s discuss what can she be afraid of and how to do this step less hurtful for her.

1.She might be afraid of loneliness.

Just be by her side. She might feel really sensitive just after moving abroad. Can you imagine she left her relatives, friends, job what she really loved and moved to a new country with different language? She doesn’t know anyone except you. It`s very important for you to spend time with her as much as possible during this period of time. Would be great if you show her around, where are the closest shops and beautiful green parks located, where she can do her morning runs, explain how to use public transport. You should make her feel comfortable. In the beginning would be nice to have walks together, to visit cafes and cinemas, to help her to get used to social life. As more she is busy as less she has time to feel lonely.

2. She might be afraid of being bored.

Time to find new friends. When the first month of adaptation to a new place, new climate and new cuisine is finished, it`s time to move further. A very smart decision is to attend a language course or to buy a membership to a gym. It`s a great opportunity not only to learn a language and keep the body fit but to find new friends as well.

3. She might miss her family very much.

Time to meet your family then. When she started to feel more confident after moving abroad and getting used to a language, it would be a good time for meeting your family and friends.  

4. She might be afraid of being unrealized.

It`s time to find a job or try herself as a volunteer. Or she could start her own small business or be a blogger for example, it`s very modern nowadays.

5. She might be afraid of never being accepted as a local.

In this case, one thing that you can do is to cover her with your love. Your care and support will help her to feel confident.  I don’t want to tell you that all ladies go through these stages after moving abroad. Some women make themselves at home on the second day after arriving but this is mostly the exception. In any case be tolerant. You have different mentality and different customs. What seems have no sense for you can be very important for her and other way round. Respect each other traditions and habits. I believe that truly in love people can handle everything and long-distance relationship and moving abroad will not really a big deal for them.