Dating a Music Lover

She hardly ever leaves the headphones behind and knows the lines of, it seems, any song by heart. If you ask which her favorite band is, she will voice a huge list. If you have recognized your girlfriend, she is not just someone who loves music. Your dear is a true melomaniac, and to make her a pleasant surprise, you need a special approach.

Undeniably, most women adore dates, and if you learn how to organize an impressive rendezvous and feel harmony dating your GF, you could earn the status of the ideal boyfriend and the respect of her friends. So read on and take note: we have prepared a few ideas, taking into account your lady’s hobbies. No trivial advice in the form of a movie or an amusement park – only what can help to conquer a real art lover.

Go to a concert together

The most obvious way any dating site for music lovers might offer is to go to a concert together. And if you manage to get a ticket to visit the performance of the girl’s favorite performer, consider that your girl’s heart belongs entirely to you. Such a date won’t leave any woman indifferent.

But what if you are dating a classical musician and her favorite orchestra does not come to your city? Don’t worry, in this case, your rendezvous could be saved by loudspeakers, a projector, and a couple of recordings of the orchestra’s live performances. A romantic dinner with such musical accompaniment is bound to fall into the lady’s personal list of the most original and memorable evenings./p>

Look at the stars listening to the tunes from your Gf’s selection.

Some melodies are simply created to add to the most romantic moments, like, as an example, a date in nature under the night sky. It’s like a scene from a movie, only better. When music fans find love, they dream of such a rendezvous. So, choose the most inspiring tracks from your girlfriend’s playlist and go together out of town or to the nearest park. Later she’ll surely make a separate selection of these tunes and they will be associated with you.

Make a cover your lady’s favorite song

A favorite song performed by a loved one… It’s hard to come up with a sweeter and more touching surprise to please a person who loves music. If you want to add to her list of audios that are on repeat, then sing yourself. Don’t worry about not knowing how to sing or play any instrument. If you are not one of those gifted men with a melodic voice, the recording studio is your savior. Professionals might help you record a cover that your girlfriend will want to listen to over and over again.

Visit a recording studio together and experiment with your favorite tunes.

Do you like to listen to music? Then, you’ll also have fun together at the studio and have your personal song. Rent a recording studio for one day. Of course, it is better to think about this moment in advance: this way you are guaranteed to get to the right studio and select a playlist to your liking. You can record your favorite melody together and make not only audio but also a video recording, turning the joint performance into a real clip. And don’t forget to treat yourself and your girlfriend to some delicious treats like sparkling wine and fruit while you listen to your voice recordings. Even if you don’t hit the notes, it’s okay, any fragment can be processed and you will sound no worse than Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Sing a serenade

If you are lucky with your voice and have a good ear for music, you can sing the song in person. Some dating sites for musicians might call it old-fashioned and somewhat ridiculous, but believe me, even in our time the most capricious heart can be conquered by a serenade. Moreover, now it is not necessary to carry a guitar with you or try to find a musician to accompany – you just need to take a portable speaker with you, find a backing track of the desired song, and sing. Just be careful: the neighbors may not like your performance, so do not arrange concerts under the windows, especially at late hours. It is better to organize a private dinner and make this musical surprise.

Make a playlist and record it on vinyl

Although now there is no need even to download melodies to a smartphone, because all the songs are available online, there is some special magic of sound in vinyl records. Vinyl players are still with us. Moreover, there is a quite stable trend towards listening to tunes in analog format, vinyls are being successfully sold. You can compose a selection of the tracks that you associate with your dear, or choose something from your GF’s audio recordings. The disc with these songs is the best of what to get a music lover, and she will definitely appreciate your creativity and care.

P.S. If you hesitate about the choice of the tunes for a nice evening, here is the list of the most romantic songs of all time. Despite the fact they are “not-so-young”, your dear cannot help enjoying listening to them.

  1. Elvis Presley — Love Me Tender (1956)
  2. The Beach Boys — God Only Knows (1966)
  3. The Beatles — Something (1969)
  4. The Carpenters — (They Long To Be) Close To You (1970)
  5. Barry White — Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up (1973)
  6. Bee Gees — How Deep Is Your Love (1977)
  7. Stevie Wonder — I Just Called To Say I Love You (1984)
  8. Chris De Burgh — Lady In Red (1986)
  9. Whitney Houston — I Will Always Love You (1992)
  10. Celine Dion — My Heart Will Go On (1997)

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