Myths about women are quite a widespread phenomenon among men. Since men and women are from different planets, it is not easy to understand each other. That is why both sexes tend to add some stereotypes to each other’s images.

However, not all the behavior models that men assign to women as common are typical of the latter. So, let us take a look at the most known myths about women, which are contrary to fact.

  1. Women are a weaker sex. This is what everyone knows, but if taken seriously, women are not so weak, especially nowadays. Just think of those, who have children. They get strength not only for work or hobbies, but also for doing all the house chores, cooking food and feeding the whole family. A lot of women can even fix a tap or electricity, or lift heavy weights, which not every man can lift. Do you still think modern women are weak?
  2. All women are kind and not aggressive. Many people think that women are nicer and less aggressive than men, but they (women) are not as plain as they seem. Nature has endowed women with wit, so they know how to hide their true feelings to benefit from the situation or find a good way out. As they say “Appearances are deceptive”. So, even the nicest girl (just like any person on this planet) can turn out to be not so kind.
  3. Women like sex less than men. This is one of the myths about women which I personally disagree with. Being a woman, I can tell you, that women’s love for sex depends on several factors. If a woman has been disappointed with men not very experienced in sex or the ones who were interested in their own satisfaction only, she may definitely be not so keen on sex. However, if a woman has had a good partner and is satisfied with her sexual life, her attitude to sex will not differ from men’s one. Moreover, being one of our physiological needs, sex is equally important to both men and women.
  4. Women are unable to lift heavy weights. Actually, it is well-known that a woman has no natural ability to lift heavy weights, however, there are exceptions. For example, in emergency situation like fire, collision or other disasters a delicate woman can carry even a heavy man on her shoulders. That is because our brain switches off, while our body does what it can. This fact proves that women used to have abilities like lifting very heavy weights, but with time they have lost them because of the division of labor and it is not necessary for them to use it, while men can do all the “heavy” job.  
  5. Men and women have different needs in food. Who could ever think of it? We both are human beings, so we both need the same food and vitamins; the only difference is in the number of calories we consume. For women this number is 1500-2000 calories per day, while for men it can be higher. Moreover, with the increasing number of interest in sport, both men and women need a balanced diet, which does not include only fruit and vegetables, but also proteins contained in meat.
  6. Myths about women’s friendship. It is well known that women like sharing secrets and talking all night long, which may cause men think that women’s friendship is very strong. However, (remember that I am a woman) I think that nature has created us, women, like very competitive creatures, so it is very difficult to be totally happy for our friends. Although we may think we are, somewhere deep inside, we can be jealous, especially if it is about a boyfriend. Being friends with someone means being able to forgive and forget something bad, which men can do easily, while women will always remember even if they do not mention it.   
  7. All women like romance and all kinds of “pinky” chic stuff like soft toys, jewellery, pink clothes and ribbons. I should say, that many women do like it, but, on the other hand, they truly want their boyfriends to think of some really worthy gift. Some girls do not like these things only because men think love for them reveals women’s weakness, so denying anything romantic or girlish they feel more serious and independent.   
  8. All women want big breasts. Well, some women do want to have bigger breasts, but… as soon as they understand that it is quite difficult to walk with them and it is absolutely uncomfortable to do any exercises without special clothes, oh… and it is VERY problematic to buy clothes for such a figure, most of those who want big breasts, decide to leave everything the way it is.

Consequently, having looked through the most widespread myths about women, we can make a conclusion that it is not possible to say that you understand either men or women completely and take all the stereotypes literally because, despite anything, there are people of both sexes who do not behave typically and make exceptions from any existing models of behavior.