Starting with December 25 Ukrainians have a very good period of time in their lives. This is when they have good rest, eat a lot, meet their families and have a lot of fun. Why? That is because it is the New Year and Christmas time. Therefore, we would like to devote this article to this festive time of the year and tell you how we, Ukrainians, spend it.

Of course, it is not the first time we are discussing New Year and Christmas traditions in Ukraine; however this will be the time when we will tell you not about the traditions and customs, which have their origins in the distant past.

We would like to let you know what the up-to-date New Year and Christmas is like

The first and most kept New Year and Christmas tradition in Ukraine is preparation for the celebration of these holidays.

Why is it a tradition? That is because every family in Ukraine spends a lot of time and, definitely, money to make the forthcoming holiday the best ever. First the festive menu is discussed as a family, and then everything is cooked as a family too. Nothing outstanding or unusual, still a very good tradition.

Another thing traditional in Ukraine is decorating homes for the celebration.

That is why, going along the streets starting with 20 December, if you look at the windows of the houses, you will see the New Year and Christmas trivia like snowflakes, lights, snowmen, and even decorated New Year trees on them and in them. Everyone longs for the holiday and awaits miracles.

The next New Year and Christmas Tradition in Ukraine is the family get-together.

To tell you the truth, nowadays there is no such an all-over-the-country idea that these two holidays are only for the family and they can be celebrated anywhere, it is still traditional, that all the families must meet at some point of time, sit at the same table and spend some quality family time together, after which the younger generations can continue celebrating with their friends.

As I have already mentioned, it is quite a usual thing for teenagers and young adults to see the New Year and Christmas in together with their families and then continue celebrating with their circle of friends out of home. That is why it is mega-traditional nowadays for them to go to the central square and spend time there. The authorities of our cities make sure that there will be a lot of entertainments for those, who decide to come. Usually they organize concerts, make holiday fairs, where one can eat and drink whatever is possible to buy. Speaking of Kharkov, there is even a skating-rink, which is traditionally made in our central square to let the citizens both look at the amazing New Year tree, have fun at the rides (also specially put in the square) and spend time actively.

Although in this article we are talking about modern New Year and Christmas traditions in Ukraine, there is one, which dates back long time ago. That is singing carols. It is very similar to trick-or-treating, when kids go from house to house and ask for a treat. In Ukraine kids go caroling, wishing all the best in the forthcoming year and also get money or sweet treats for their “luck-attracting job”.

Another Christmas tradition in Ukraine is for godchildren to bring a special dish called “kutia” to their god parents.

Finally, no New Year or Christmas in Ukraine will be traditional without the following: the smell of tangerines, watching the most New Year and Christmas movies like “Home alone” and most popular soviet films like “The Irony of Fate or Enjoy your Bath”, drinking champagne and making the wish to the clock strike twelve, and snow, which always brings a special magic atmosphere to these celebrations…