One Simple Habit Can Save a Relationship

Small actions day after day, which show love, help us build a healthy marriage. It seems complicated, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, we have the good news. Anyone can learn useful habits, which make people’s interaction gratifying. We’re not going to talk about a great number of generalities related to a threshold question, how to save a relationship, we’d like to offer practical advice on achieving a satisfying marriage.

Can breaking up help you save an intimate relationship? Probably, no. On the other hand, amazingly, a breakup is an opportunity to learn, a chance to do your best to respect another person’s feelings. Breakup builds our skills when it comes to being honest and kind during crucial conversations.

Do you think about how to change your negative attitude in a long-term relationship? Maintain physical and emotional closeness. In addition, you’d better be positive. We’d like to reveal a secret — the magic ratio is five to one. It means that five positive actions should compensate for the losses made by one negative feeling.

To tell the truth, big moments do not break or make any personal relationships. Rather it’s almost always tiny things. These apparently inconsequential moments determine the fate of your marriage more than arguments, discussions or conflicts. And it turns out that how we respond to emotional signals is the core principle of successful interaction. If you have the right reaction, your soulmate is more likely to make a determined effort. It, in turn, results in positive changes and brings more sex.

Problematic behaviors aren’t altered with confrontation, judgment or punishment. They are remedied with understanding, compassion and acceptance. Positive regard restores hope by showing us we are loved, we are cared for, we are accepted by our closest ones. If we feel safe, we tend to be honest. Being honest means being your true self around your partner, never hiding who you are, what you think, or how you feel. It is the foundation for trust.

Remarkably, compatibility is not a key. Besides, personal traits don’t keep happy couples together. Instead, it seems vital how partners speak to each other. The way they interact and perceive things is of particular importance too.

Expressing positive attributes about your soulmate will help deepen your connection. On the contrary, negative behaviors will only build a wall between the two of you. Make a habit of expressing positive attributes to your better half. This positive pattern of behavior creates fondness, admiration and love.