Online dating Ukrainian women. Safety tips.

Undoubtedly, dating online is very convenient, quick and sometimes even more effective. Singles search for love on different websites, apps and other Internet platforms. However, with the development of modern technologies new types of fraud have appeared. Therefore, both real-life and online dating includes following certain safe tips.

The fact that Internet is a good shelter for many scammers, must not distract you from using modern technologies. Moreover, if you follow our tips for dating women from Ukraine, you will definitely feel protected and avoid getting into trouble in search for your love in the World Wide Web.

Dating online in Ukraine, you must not forget about your personal safety. When you decide to register at a dating site, make sure that you have protected your information. It will be good to create an extra e-mail address, which will not contain your name and surname. And do not hurry to tell your home address, telephone number, share social network accounts, etc.

You must choose a safe dating site. If you want to make sure that you contact a real girl, you have to register at a safe platform. The best way to find such a site is to ask your friends or find people, who have used it, trust reviews and comments, or read our article about how to choose a good agency.

You must look through the list of candidates carefully. Before starting communication with a woman, look through the profiles thoroughly. If you find the information about the girl interesting, it is a good reason to start communication. However, if the information in the profile seems to be controversial or not credible, it is better to avoid communicating with the lady. In case you have any doubts about the profile, you have to address the client support and ask to check the profile. After the checkout, the suspicious candidate can be deleted, which protects you from any contacts with her in the future.

You must communicate safely. If you have got interested in one of the women on the site, do not hurry to communicate via personal e-mail. It is better to start with the site’s message system. If you decide that you do not want to communicate any more, you can just delete the woman’s profile and she has no chance to contact you.

You must not trust links. While communicating with a woman, you will definitely get to know her better, learn about hobbies and interests, which books she likes to read or music she likes to listen to. She may want to share this with you, but do not hurry to follow the links she sends, especially the ones you find suspicious, as they may contain viruses, which can harm your computer.

You must not send money. If your beautiful online girlfriend starts asking you for money, you must beware. Very often scammers make up various stories to trick the money out of a man. She may tell that one of the relatives is suddenly ill, or she really wants to see you and needs money to make a visa, buy tickets, or make some reservations. A person who is serious about finding a partner will never ask you anything at least before she sees you in real life. Professional scammers will do everything possible to develop attachment, so that it is easy to ask money from you. They make up heart-breaking stories of unhappy love, an imaginary husband who left her with a child and no financial support.

One of my foreign acquaintances shared with me a story of a scam. He visited one of the website where all girls were super hot and beautiful. When he opened their catalogue, he couldn`t resist the temptation to text the first lady on the list, a hot blonde with blue eyes. He was drawn by her sexy looks and was totally blindfolded. Besides the looks, she seemed very entertaining (the reason why she is there), intelligent and supportive. It was a pay-per letter site, so he had to pay every time he sent a text. It was so easy to talk to a lady, so that he got used to texting every day. She didn`t agree on Skype calls, explaining that her spoken English was not that good. But she used to sent him video-teasers of her on the beach or at home in a sexy gown. As a male he was definitely attracted to such beauty.

They had been communicating for almost one month when suddenly she disappeared for 2 days and was not online. She explained after that there was something wrong with the phone battery, which couldn`t last long. But at that moment she went through some financial problems and couldn`t afford buying a new phone. As he wanted to be in touch every day, he offered his help. She agreed with pleasure and asked to send money on the account. After transferring the money he never saw her again online. Such type of scam is very popular on websites.

Also pay extra attention to the following things:

  1. If a photo is too perfect, you have to be alert. No doubt there are plenty of beautiful girls in our country, but a decent woman will never expose herself in a red bikini in front of million of men. If you already started communicating, ask to send a casual picture and compare. If it is not a real photo, she would find excuses in order not to send you a real face.
  2. If there is 20-30 year old difference. Age is not just a number, especially in online world. If you are a 60-year old man and you found a 20-yeard old girl who seems very much into you, it is not love. She will definitely want some financial support from you.
  3. Crosscheck the information. Sometimes they don`t remember what they say to a “victim” or forget what they told you, because it was a lie.
  4. Never send intimate photos to strangers. You never know who is behind the camera. Before involving into sexting, you should see a person in real life. Otherwise you are going to be blackmailed and you are going to pay money for it.

There is a high risk of being scammed. Ladies here are very feminine, beautiful, smart and educated. There is a possibility to find love if you use the right tools. Matchmaking service will be a great help for you. Ladies who address matchmaking agencies are definitely single. Their status is the first thing, which matchmaker checks by documents. Also a group of professionals will help you in the search according to your preferences in looks and character. But what matters the most is potential compatibility. Among potential female clients you will definitely find the one if you follow all the recommendations. It is a good tool for international dating. You are going to receive coaching on dating women and it is a great chance to meet your soulmate on the other end of the world.

Finally, if you have started dating a woman online, you must listen to your intuition, remember about common sense and be alert. Following safe internet dating tips does not guarantee that you will not be scammed, but it can lessen your risks of being fooled.