Online dating vs traditional dating

If we traveled back in time 10 years ago and said that a soulmate can easily be selected without even leaving the house, we would probably raise people’s eyebrows. Technological progress has significantly widened our dating options and now we can find love simply by clicking a “search” button. Furthermore, there are no distance limitations that enable us to connect with other people across the oceans. Compared to online dating, traditional dating has notable benefits, but, due to certain disadvantages, our experts doubt that in the immediate future it will fully replace the accustomed way of dating. So, here we go, the pros and cons of dating online.

The Internet creates a global network that covers almost every corner of the Earth and so making new acquaintances has never been yet more effortless. Imagine, you can access another person just in a few seconds! Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? No more wasted time on candidates who have practically nothing in common with your preferences and requirements. You can finally forget about “partner hunting” on the streets and waiting ’till the only one is coincidentally hooked among the random crowd or fellows. Special dating applications make it possible to find a partner within a radius of your residence and exchange information before arranging an appointment to make sure you both suit. It is a much more fruitful way to keep your mind open instead of going for countless playdates and then looking for an excuse to escape, right? Nonetheless, this works when your tastes fall exceptionally on representatives of your nationality. Some people are rather interested in dating foreigners and it is a great opportunity for them to meet their love abroad.

And what about single introverts whose attempt to start a conversation with an attractive person in real life seems like performing an exploit? Good news: shyness is no longer a barrier either since you can firstly chat to get to know each other better and then plan the meeting personally. People who refer to the category of too modest often hesitate whether it is worth telling someone you love them or not. They don’t risk taking the first step because they don’t want to get rejected in public and end up feeling broken. These people might have not bitten the bullet unless they had been aware of social sites. Now it takes only one message to make a love confession. Talking about offline dates this option is not available. That is why, in particular cases traditional dates concede to online ones, encouraging couples to feel more decisive while not interfering with their comfort zone.

Look before you leap or advantage of online dating number three. In real life, we are less prone to control speech and this may cause us to make an offensive remark even if we weren’t willing to do so. Our behavior is usually influenced by our mood, so if you are in low spirits, there is a high chance of saying something rude, vulgar, or turn an innocent phrase into a provocation. Seeing that, online dating is better than traditional one because communication over the Internet gives us time to think before replying in order not to hurt a person’s feelings.

Though online dating provides us with varied choices, many couples are still unaware of the dangers their relationship may result in. As dating platforms are becoming increasingly popular, internet frauds are trying to profit from gullible users. They professionally manipulate your emotions until you give away confidential details such as your address, debit card number, or important passwords. If you are not eager to examine dubious accounts on Instagram, Badoo, Tinder, or any other similar website, leave this task to the marriage services. Be careful to avoid suspicious requests and under no circumstances share secret information with strangers, especially if you met them online.

Unfortunately, the downsides of online dating do not only finish there. Bear in mind that behind a beautiful profile photo may hide a sexually preoccupied liar. You can be enchanted by their appearance, the way they are talking to you, and, therefore, exaggerate their dignity. Far not all men and women sincerely fill in the questionnaire about their physical characteristics, marital status, professional life, etc. Posts can be edited as well as biographical stories can be made up. After meeting with the interlocutor, he or she may not live up to your expectations and the ideal image you initially created in your head is likely to collapse. To prevent such situations it is suggested not to believe on a bare word, assessing soberly whether the person is being honest with you or pretending to be someone else.

Internet space is infinite and rather addictive once you immersed. It creates an absorbing illusion of never-ending partner choices. You can automatically sort candidates by all available characteristics starting from mutual values and finishing with an eye colour or even a cup size. Getting trapped in the idea ‘whatever happens I will always have an option B’, they spend years looking for a phantom ideal, changing partners and dating apps like gloves. They do hope that if their new partner turns out to be unsatisfactory, there is another, more perfect substitution. That is why one of the most important benefits of traditional dating is that you can’t judge the person until you have seen them.

The last but not least important minus about online dating is that we have lost live communication relying too much on Internet benefits. It is not a secret for everyone that while chatting you can easily use previously written blanks and google answers for questions. Offline chatter, however, does not imply this possibility, so you can clearly see person’s mimic, face expression and capture self-doubt in their voice. Well, after all you need to know who you are talking to. So, in this rivalry ‘online dating vs real life dating’ the first one fails.

All in all, successful online dating has its positive aspects and a sensible approach may lead to a happy lasting relationship. However, the main difference between online dates and traditional ones is that they cannot give you equally memorable experience. Anyways, there is no substitution for a face to face dating when it comes to serious intentions.