Outdoor Date Ideas that Beat Dinner and a Movie

When a couple starts dating, a romantic dinner or a movie is usually enough. But after some time it gets boring, you become comfortable with each other, so you should add some fun. Are you tired of staying indoors watching Netflix with your beloved one too? We want to offer you creative outdoor date ideas, which guarantee a romantic mood and a positive atmosphere.

  1. One of the things to do outside on a nice day is going on a hike walk. It doesn`t mean you should climb the mountains and set the world record, it is the way to unite with nature and one of the best adventurous things to do for fun outside. It is a healthy activity, if you are regulars in the gym, swap a day of exercises indoors for fresh air. Choose a beautiful scenery, admire a beautiful nature and your partner`s presence.
  2. Another things for a couple to do together are going to the fair or a unique market. There is always some kind of fair or an exhibition in the town. Explore with your partner new things, maybe you will pick a new fruit to try or buy some antique thing for your house. Instead of regular shopping in the supermarket, opt out for an outdoor shopping.
  3. There are plenty summer dating ideas. What about beach date? Make it something more special than just lying under the sun, organize a small picnic in a cosy corner with no people. Create an atmosphere of a deserted island for only two of you. Build a sandcastle together, imagine that it is your future house, so that you can have motivation to make it beautiful. Let yourself feel like small kids, it will bring romance into your relationship. Take pictures to keep the memories.
  4. One of the cute date ideas for summer is going to a picnic. You can make it extra special and organize it on the rooftop. It is very romantic, here you are going to have intimate atmosphere admiring the lights of a big city in your small world of two. Be ready with a bottle of champagne and some food that you both like. Toast for your love, feed each other with strawberries, hug and kiss the whole night, sharing secrets and dreams.
  5. A great idea of outdoor activities for adventurous couples is visiting an amusement park. You can show off with your inner daredevil and your fun personality. Have a ride on the roller-coaster and Ferris wheel, check your adventure spirit.
  6. One of the dating romantic ideas is sitting next to the fireplace with a glass of wine. If it is warm outside, you can even light a bonfire outdoors.
  7. Go for a bike ride. It is cheap and fun, moreover it is healthy.
  8. Dating at night is mysterious and romantic. Take a peek at the stars while holding hands.

Outdoor dates are perfect, there is a plenty of choice and it involves a romantic vibe. Break free from your comfort zone and do something excited with your partner outside of your home. Wake up early and watch the sunset together. What is more romantic than watching the sun disappearing below the horizon?

Here are more unique dating ideas:

  1. Go for a brunch date next to the pool. Indulge in savoring tasty food and chill next to the pool with a fashionable cocktail.
  2. Take a day trip by car. The destination doesn`t really matter, prepare a nice playlist and go for a long drive. Stop to look at the road attractions, have an ice-cream or some street food.
  3. Visit a local lake or river. One of our couples spent a part of their date at the river, admiring the swans, taking pictures of two love birds. I am not sure if it was by coincidence, but the swans were stuck together kissing each other just for them. They are not trained to do so when couples appear though, usually they even hide in their nests when it is too cold. So our couple was lucky to catch this moment. If you remember a scene from a famous romantic drama “The Notebook”, where Allie and Noah (a couple who met after a long time not seeing each other) ride a small boat surrounded by thousands of white swans. How fascinating and romantic it is….Pay attention to Allie`s eyes, how happy she is. Feels like they are only two of them in the whole world. She is feeding white birds, he is driving a boat. All of a sudden the pouring rain starts, but it doesn’t spoil the romance, they are both overwhelmed with a blessing of rain, kiss each other passionately and after reaching the house make love. Do you think it can happen only in a movie? Absolutely not. If you are one of the couples who were crying over this love story by Nicholas Spark, you have a chance to repeat the romantic scenes from this movie in real life. There still exists the hotel in South Carolina, the only property that has the same setting from the film. You can experience a romantic getaway, there is even a chance to book a private canoe at the waterfront (just like Noah and Allie had).
  4. Book an unforgettable weekend for two. Something that you both have been dreaming about. Choose something extraordinary, if you have been watching the stars at night, why not seeing the northern lights together? There are plenty of options that will make it extra special. For example a room in the Ice Hotel, you may cozy up with a significant one in the room made of ice from outside and watch starts from the rooftop of the hotel. Do you love extreme? You may also experience dog sledding, I bet you haven`t tried yet. Imagine a fascinating scene: scattered mountains, snow, a sled driven by beautiful Huskies and you two in love, a rather fun and exciting experience you will never forget.
  5. What about a helicopter date? It may come true anywhere in the world. Either somewhere in the suburbs or above the sea. A helicopter ride in the snow won`t leave you without emotions. Fly high, let your love give you wings.
  6. Set sail on a river or ocean cruise. A romantic getaway you will never forget. Enjoy all the onboard experiences you cannot do on land: enjoy the ocean view, observe the dolphin dance, having champagne on the balcony with ocean breeze, morning yoga on the top deck of a large vessel, watch a movie under the stars on the big screen covered with warm blankets and savoring a glass of exclusive wine.