Why do we love the New Year? Yes, the reason is we have another opportunity to bring joy to the people we love and buy them presents. What do you like more – to give or to get presents? Of course the most precious thing in presents and gifts is no doubts the attention you pay to a person.  And if she loves you for real she will never show any signs of displeasure when she will see another frying pan under the New Year tree, even though she doesn’t like it. But believe me, it is not that difficult to please a woman with a good present for the New Year and make her even happier than she is with you now.  

For those precious men who have exhausted all their fantasy of perfect gifts, we made a first-aid list of the ideas with a special approach for the upcoming year.

  1. There is one thing that all Ukrainian women love the most – a romantic photo session for two. Modern photo studios offer various New Year backgrounds, locations and decorations. There is a strange nostalgic pleasure in the try to capture a moment of your life and get the picture that will always remind you of this unique time. This is definitely the perfect gift for your beloved Ukrainian lady.
  2. Jewelry. It is a serious and fairish present. Presenting gold or silver bracelet, chain or earrings to your lady shows your serious intentions towards her. She will understand it without any words.
  3. The majority of women adore cleanliness and order. And New Year is a good reason to clean things up and start the upcoming year in perfect order… or not so perfect order, okay) Anyway a good wooden organizer for her cosmetics or other things that can create the mess is a perfect gift too. Organizers differ in size, color, material, purpose… You will be surprised.
  4. Next variant of the perfect gift for New Year is a lamp. “Lamp? It is boring” – you will say. Nowadays the choice of lamps is an embarrassment of riches: of different colors, in a form of a volumetric snowflakes, clouds, animals and so on. Why it is a perfect gift for New Year? Lamps create such a cozy atmosphere, good addition to garlands on the New Year tree.
  5. Finally very romantic, useful gift which your lady will not be able to imagine winter without.  It is a mug that will keep the coffee or tea warm. Cute, colorful, with pictures and decorations on it – is will also be a delight for eyes. From now on she will take it everywhere with her in wintertime, get warm during the day and always keep in mind a person who took care of her.
  6. If you haven’t find the right present from our list, here is your Plan B – emotions are the most unforgettable present. Special services that “sell impressions” have great diversity of activities to present: soap making workshops (if she’s into any kind of handmade), horse riding, massage, fruit spa. You just buy their certificate, present it to your lady and enjoy her reaction.

And the final tip for you. To learn what gift a woman wants to get, try this. Tell her that you have already bought her a present and suggest her guessing what it is. She will start to list first speculations that will come to her mind. It will probably be the things that she wants!;)   

At the end it doesn’t matter what you will choose… you have to admit that giving a present to your woman is always a gift to you as well, as nothing can be better than a happy face of your beloved woman?